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A local woman has found herself becoming a little anxious tonight after her date unexpectedly behaved like a perfect gentleman and didn’t attempt any moves.

Having spent a good portion of dates trying to swerve an unexpected ‘hug and kiss’ goodbye, which she’d never been able to do in a subtle manner, Chloe Dixon now found herself on date two with a bloke who hadn’t attempted any kind of tonsil hockey – which in her weird modern dating brain, meant that he obviously wasn’t into her at all.

In preparation for the second date, Chloe has reportedly pulled out all the stops, including a very flattering top, some perfume a lady from Tik Tok recommended, and the packet of Extra Gum she’d nipped into the local servo for, after realising they were eating Italian (i.e. very garlic bread heavy).

As the night progressed with more banter, carbs, and a few glasses of red, Chloe found herself pointedly angling towards some chewy, and making sure to offer her date some as well.

“Don’t want the dreaded garlic breath”, she’d laughed, popping a couple in her mouth and doing what she hoped was a come hither look but probably that actually just looked like she was having a carb crash, “would you like some?”

Extending the packet across the table, Chloe finds herself holding her breath and trying not to swallow her gum, before her date eagerly accepts her offer of a palate cleanser.

It can be reported that Chloe was successful with her quest for a kiss, but later lost interest in him anyway.

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