One of Betoota’s longest serving bachelors is spicing things up in the kitchen tonight, as he looks to revitalise some leftovers from the weekend.

After spending 40 minutes swiping through his options on a food delivery app, it’s believed local Insurance salesman Caleb Webber (29) was forced to eat-in, after realising he had less than $8 in his bank account.

Opening his fridge in search of dinner, it’s believed Caleb was overjoyed to see he had yet to fully polish off some Indian cuisine he purchased at 1am on Saturday night.

Taking one sniff of the Garlic Rice and Chicken Tikka Masala fermenting in a plastic takeaway container, it’s believed the dishes’ heavy cream and intense blend of spices worked harmoniously to mask any hint of salmonella.

Dishing up the orange curry into his favourite tupperware container, Caleb spent little time debating with our reporter whether tonight’s curry and rice would leave him on the porcelain throne.

“Bought it Saturday, it’s now Tuesday, it’ll be right to eat aye?” Caleb asked our reporter.

“You can eat chicken for like 5-7 days after it’s been cooked, I reckon I’ll be sweet.”

Eager to tuck in after a long day in the office, Caleb’s keenness to feast was halted after he burnt his fingerprints off while reaching for the volcanic molten bowl from the microwave.

While waiting for the cherished leftovers to come back down to room temperature, Caleb decided to put the finishing touches on his dinner by pulling out a two year bottle of sweet chilli sauce from the fridge, and giving his dish a healthy squirt of his favourite condiment.

Drizzling thick dregs of fluorescent sugar over his Indian dinner, Caleb admitted to our reporter he couldn’t understand why he hand’t been able to hold down a girlfriend for the past 5 years.

“Honestly how good’s this, a banquet for one!”

“I might put a movie on, do you want to watch 2 Fast 2 Furious with me?”

More to come.


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