It’s said that if every person worked in customer experience at least once in their lives, the world would be a kinder place. 

If not  to stop the abundance of Karens, but to also put an end to common misdemeanours such as shoving used napkins into half drunk glasses of beer ‘to help out’ or in Aldi cashier Jayden Harper’s case, interrupting a transaction.

It’s alleged Jayden was about to hand over the change from a $20 bill, when an elderly customer helpfully informed him that she had the exact change, causing Jayden to spiral into a panic.

Unfortunately for Jayden, when faced with both the pressure of time and the need to calculate something immediately, he was suddenly unable to do basic math.

“Ahhh, hang on ahh.”


Adding on the good sixty seconds the customer spent holding up the line by sifting around their purse for sixty five cents, Jayden was acutely aware he was on borrowed time.

“It’s ahhhh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhh fooorty?”

“Umm oh god.”


“Oh hahaha it’s $4.45? My bad, thank you.”

More to come.


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