After the world recently discovered the joy of working from home, many employers are wanting their employees back in the office again as they’d rather have a miserable staff than be liked.

However, one boss in the Betoota Old City district believes he can have both and really wants his employees all back in the office, primarily so he can have a captive audience to laugh at his jokes again.

During lockdown, startup CEO Jordan Puglaci made the call for his team to work from home, despite the fact it was the government’s call, not his.

As his team already communicated in an entirely digital manner and they have the non-essential job of promoting a some financial scheme, the transition to working from home for the staff of Yearling Earnings was simple and smooth.

While his staff are now finally enjoying that work-life balance he spoke about in their job interviews, Puglaci has turned his dog diabetic with the jokes he’s wasted on it and wants his team back so a human can appreciate his banter.

“I get a lot of comparisons to Ricky Gervais,” stated Puglaci, mistaking David Brent for Ricky Gervais.

“It’s hard to know who’s laughing over Slack, especially as they never use the laughing emojis, even though I made a custom one with my face on it.”

Although Yearling Earnings has performed better as a company since the change to flexible WFH options, Puglaci wants his staff back in the office as he believes they work better while gathered together with no choice but to laugh at his jokes.

“I don’t care what time they leave, as long as they get the work done, laugh at my jokes and like them again in Tweet form.”


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