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It’s official. The renewable energy transition is now 100% complete after the government has finally given Aussies the perfect excuse to go solar.

Right now, the government is offering a $260 rebate to any Betootanese who choose to bung heaps of solar panels on their home’s roof. 

And according to Archie Treloar, who is a sales rep for Betoota’s largest solar provider, Betoota Sunrise, what makes this deal so damn good is the fact that customers can now get the largest solar array they can possibly fit on their roof because that is the best way to catch the most sun the fastest.

“With cash back like this you’ll actually save more by completely covering your whole roof with our most expensive panels,” Treloar convinced the Advocate. “And you can use every single dollar of the $260 rebate to cover the initial costs of your loan.”

“You don’t have to spend a cent today, and it will pay itself off in 3 years,” he went on to explain without giving any further information on just how that is even possible.

The Advocate asked the charismatic salesman how much it would cost a typical 4 bedroom house to cover their entire roof in solar panels. In response, Treloar quickly whispered, “$26,000,” before even more quickly shouting, “Imagine getting solar on your roof and then getting money back for free!” 

“And it’s tax free money too,” he added. “But the offer won’t be around forever.”

Reportedly, more and more Aussies are going solar, as the promise of cheaper, renewable solar energy becomes harder to ignore as fossil fuels like gas become more expensive.

“Since I covered my roof in the most expensive solar panels Betoota Sunrise sells, my electricity bills have dropped 90%,” the sales rep told us. “And now with this incredible government rebate, its time you did too,” he said while offering our reporter a contract to sign.

Caught up in all the excitement, our reporter reluctantly signed up to purchase a commercial solar array for the Advocate’s offices on Daroo Street. Helping this fine masthead meet its corporate policy promise of getting to net zero by 2155.

The rebate is available to residential customers only, we’ve since learnt.


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