A local office worker has made an interesting u-turn this week, after a big piece of news from the cryptocurrency world.

Despite spending years saying that crypto is the future of finance because of it’s de-centralised nature, Brad Parker has now revealed that he thinks the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) getting on board is great news.

The Betoota Grove city guy whose housemates are his parents, says that he’s actually quietly cheering about CBA’s decision to start trading crypto on its platform.

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset based that is distributed via online trading and platforms.

This decentralised structure allows them to exist outside the control of governments and central authorities, which was one of the major selling points to individuals around the globe.

However, while that was a point Parker was more than happy to push for the last couple of years, the continued price rises that will come from major banks like CBA getting behind it is not something he’s going to complain about.

“Look, ideologically, banks getting involved in crypto is not great,” Parker explained.

“But it means there’s going to be a lot more cash flooding into the market, and as someone who has seen huge gains from exorbitant price rises”

“I’ll take that rather than the ideological satisfaction of individuals being able to control their finances in the future”

“Besides, it’s vindication in regards to all these people saying crypto’s a fad and is going to die”

“They can keep talking shit, and I’ll watch it go up up up”

“CumDog to the moon bro. Hopefully, it gets listed soon,” he laughed.

“Nah seriously bro you should invest in CumDog, it’s a decentralised token that harnesses the power used by NFT transactions, in like a de-fi sense, and um yeah it’s going to go big”

“Apparently Elon’s gonna tweet about it,” he laughed.

“Lambos soon my guys”


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