Another tough week for Scott Morrison has gotten even worse today, with newfound nemesis Emmanuel Macron taking the public humiliation to the next level.

The tit for tat between he and the French President has involved blatant lying, leaked text messages, and plenty of shit-talking behind the scenes.

The Australian Prime Minister has now been treated to public shaming in front of his peers, as his French counterpart ramps up the vitriol over that 90 billion dollars he wanted for his country.

With various world leaders gathering at the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow, Macron has today asked the attendees to raise their hands if they have been personally victimised by Scotty from Marketing.

Borrowing a tool from North Shore High’s Ms Norbury, Macron reportedly said;

“Close your eyes”

“Raise your hand if Scott has ever leaked your private conversations to the media”

A flurry of hands were slowly raised around the room, with gasps coming from some of the staff attending the conference.

“Ok, open your eyes and have a look around,” sighed Macron as leaders from the Pacific to Europe realised how many of them had been the victim of leader-on-leader crime.

A deep voice from the back of the room then piped up saying he had been called fat by Scott Morrison.

“And he said I was gap-toothed,” said the man.

“Hey, he doesn’t even go here,” yelled German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the man was identified as Daniel ‘Jarvo’ Jarvis.

Jarvo then just said he had a lot of feelings, before being ordered to go home by Emmanuel Macron.

At this point Morrison then let out a bunch of expletives and accused all of the other world leaders of sledging Australia, before storming out.

More to come.


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