Earlier today, Betoota Ponds was the scene to what many are calling the most cowardly act of hypocrisy of all time.

Local ute owner Justin Grob (22) has gone to many lengths to elevate his ute from a vehicle no one would want to steal to one that people would at least want to pillage for parts.

Notably, Grob has adorned the rear window of his ute with a collage of highly curated stickers featuring slogans about guns and notable cartoon characters doing a wee.

The sticker that has caused the controversy is one featuring the acronym DILLIGAF which stands for Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck, a statement that is just as much about his appearance as it is his efforts in life.

However, Grob’s reputation as a wheel-about carefree hoon is in jeopardy as he was recently spotted neglecting his DILLIGAF declaration by slowing down when passing a speed camera.

“Nah, I don’t even, really give a fuck.”

“Just a fine’s a fine you know.”

Family groups have spoken out against Grob’s fraudulent behaviour, stating he is a poor example for children who may want to grow up to vandalise their own property and maybe one day, damaging their cars by killing wildlife.


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