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Who is the favourite child has long been a competition that’s plagued families with a litter of kids. While parents claim they love each child equally, it’s clear for most kids from a young age that is simply not the case.

One family that has kept up the ‘we don’t play favourites’ charade is the Grant family – Michael Grant senior has been running the Betoota Pool Kiosk for the last 35 years and has only recently had to close the roller door due to Covid.

However, in a mistake that will haunt mother Denise Grant for the rest of her life, it was made clear today who the favourite child is.

“Carl, darling, do you want to lick the mixing bowl?”

For those who grew up with a mother who didn’t bake, or with a mother who did bake but you never had to compete over the coveted batter scraps, being offered to lick the mixing bowl is the real-world equivalent of being knighted.

As soon as the question came out of Denise’s mouth, she knew she had blown her cover.

The other four Grant children sat in their respective spots around the living room staring daggers at Denise as a bubbly Carl trotted up to lick clean the mixing bowl.

As if to add insult to injury, the mixture in question was Denise’s famous ‘Devil’s Chocolate Cake’– the five time Best in Show chocolate cake at the Diamantina Royal Show.

Denise has denied Carl is her favourite child, but the rest of the family is not convinced.

More to come.  


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