Teenager Follows Mum Back On Instagram For Her Birthday

The last minute gift idea proved to be a stroke of genius.

Teenager Follows Mum Back On Instagram For Her Birthday

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LEFT WITH LITTLE OPTION, a 13-year-old boy has had to follow his mother back on Instagram after being caught out without a birthday gift this morning.

In addition to following his mother’s account, Brisbane student Michael Cullinan said he’s also about to add her on Snapchat – a recipe, he says, for disaster.

“I know that when she got the notification that I’d followed her back, it seriously made her morning,” he said.

“A really big deal was made about it, she even interrupted my father’s breakfast to tell him. I’m glad she liked it, she even laughed when I told her that was her present,”

“However, I did have to curate the whole thing a bit, do a tiny up. You know, get rid of the more inappropriateĀ posts. Like when Mum and Dad went away for the weekend in March, I got the lads around and we smoked some of my Dad’s durries and hooked into the Cointreau. They never drink that stuff so they’d never know. But yeah, had to get rid of a few, but.”

Speaking to The Advocate this morning, mother Gwendolyn says she feels cool and relevant again, in light of her eldest son’s birthday gift.

“I’m a cool Mum, I know he smokes hot ones with his friends in the park, I know he steals alcohol from the liquor cabinet. His father even knows he nicks cigarettes from him – but didn’t we all do that when we were kids?” she said.

“But for him to follow me back is so nice of him and it’s going to work in his favour, he just doesn’t know it yet. It means he won’t put things on social media that he doesn’t want his mother to see.”


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