15 August, 2016. 10:30

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Local man, Tyce Deardon (35) says he lost interest in politics a long time ago.

As a non-unionised blue collar employee in an industry that isn’t threatened by foreign manufacturing, Mr Deardon says neither the Labor or the Liberal party appeal to him.

“They aren’t doing anything or saying anything that matters to me,” he says.

“Where’s the cheaper fuel? Where’s the cheaper electricity? Get back to me when youse are talking about things that matter”.

Despite not being able to name both party leaders, Mr Deardon says both political parties are exactly the same – and that America is lucky to have someone like Trump to mix it up.

“He’s not a politician, he’s a normal person and he’s saying things that a lot of politicians won’t say.”

Mr Deardon’s main issue with contemporary Australian politics is the fact that no one is addressing the ever-increasing cost of living for middle class Australians like him that own two four-wheel-drives, a jet ski and a giant rendered brick house in the suburbs.

“They are more concerned about looking after bludgers. That’s my tax dollars!” says the man who just paid over two and half thousand dollars for front row seats for his entire family at the Archerfield raceway ‘Monstertrucks’ on Saturday night.

The Deardon families ability to name majority of the prolific monstertruck drivers in the ‘Australian circuit’ indicates that neither Mr Deardon or his wife Kathy bothered voting in the 2016 federal election.

“Why would I bother? They don’t deserve my vote” he says.

“They are just a bunch of spoilt old crooks.”



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