Family Vacates Living Room To Leave Dad Alone With His Denzel Movie

"It's gotta be him! He's in the fire exit!"

Family Vacates Living Room To Leave Dad Alone With His Denzel Movie


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Local dad, Bruce Tattersall has spent the last hour and a half shouting at the television, it has been confirmed.

While sitting upright in his singlet and underpants, the 56-year-old father of two is continually adjusting the volume of his television to drown out the odd conversation happening elsewhere in the house.

“Oh… hold up…” he shouts.

“He’s in the fire exit!!!”

With both of his teenage children attempting to complete their school homework at the kitchen table, it appears Mr Tattersall is getting overly invested in an extremely violent Denzel Washington movie in the adjoining living room.

“He’s got the entire surround sound system at full bore and is acting like Denzel can hear him,” says Bruce’s 16-year-old son, Peter.

“He keeps shouting at him to ‘watch out’ or ‘duck’ – he gets so worked up over these Denzel movies,”

Despite the fact that the entire house is now patiently waiting well past dinner time for their father to finish his movie, Bruce Tattersall has just asked his daughter, Sarah, if she can ‘download another one’.

Bruce’s wife Kath’s protests are going unheard as the construction developer is now pacing towards the family computer to ‘google that other one with Denzel’.

“Bruce, its 9:30 at night for Christ’s sake” pleads Kath.

“Oh come on, Kath!” he responds.

“You lot wouldn’t know what a good movie looked like if it ran over your toe,”

“Download the one with the bus that explodes,” he says to his daughter.

“I love this bloke.”


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