In some breaking news out of London, it can be revealed that the Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was the chief agitator in the UK’s leadership challenge from overnight.

This news comes after Theresa May successfully survived a no-confidence vote to remain Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

With the British government now looking to try and work it’s way through the complete pile of shit that Brexit has become, it has been revealed that Tony Abbott was in fact responsible for the recent drama overnight.

The Advocate’s London Bureau has been informed that the Member for Warringah and the serial spill enthusiast has been agitating for some weeks now to get the members of May’s own party to force a spill against her.

While many were unsure why there was an Australian politician amongst there ranks arguing for the spill, it is believed that he successfully managed to get the conservative members to throw their party into disarray, as has been the case here.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate this morning, Mr Abbott told us that it has been a busy few weeks.

“Honestly, I live for this shit, you know that. Given the recent changes to the party’s leadership rules in Canberra, I decided to head over to my spiritual homeland and see what I could do,” Mr Abbott said.

“It looks like I’ve done alright, and I managed to do it all without the help of Ray Hadley and Alan Jones! How about that.”

Mr Abbott then told us it’s a shame that they can’t challenge the leadership again for 12 months in Britain as he was considering throwing his hat in the ring if May got rolled.

“I could be my last chance to be a Prime Minister, I’d happily take back renouncing my British citizenship to have a crack at it.”

More to come.


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