A French Quarter retiree has labelled the nations Prime Minister a ‘bloody drongo’ this morning.

The 69-year-old husband, father and grandfather named Arthur Wallace did so in an effort to sound like an everyman during a conversation with his barista this morning.

While the conversation of politics was raised for some reason during the morning interaction, Wallace decided to show off to the young man that he wasn’t ‘like the rest of the boomers.’

Despite the fact that no one apart from ageing Primary School teachers has used the word since the early ’70s, Wallace thought it was a pertinent display of his gauge on society.

Although he travels the world for a month to 6 weeks every year with his wife and effectively lives off the income from share dividends and ‘a couple of investment properties’ Wallace says he is really a leftie at heart.

Speaking to The Advocate today Wallace said that all that really matters is where you stand on social issues.

“Yeah I might be a boomer who worked in the finance industry for the majority of my life and is profiting from the benefits of ruining the housing and employment market, but I strongly support a Free Tibet and actively voice my support for other fringe left-wing issues,” Wallace said.

“And I tell you what, the Morrison is a bloody drongo,” said the man who may or may not be voting for the party that has his best financial interests at heart despite his strong comments.

“That’s just plain and simple.”



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