As anyone in their twenties with the funds and a former Sex and the City obsession is inclined to do, Maddie Coates (29) of Betoota Grove once lived in New York.

From 2016 to 2018, Coates was one of about 15,000 Australians living in New York City, fulfilling her Carrie Bradshaw dream minus the part where she makes a living as a successful writer and roots every different archetype of mid-thirties Manhattan millionaires.

Despite moving overseas and thus clearly demonstrating that she thinks she’s better than us, Coates returned to her native Betoota four years ago.

But this doesn’t mean she hasn’t maintained her deep connection to ‘the greatest city in the world’.

In fact, friends of Maddie’s will all vouch for the fact that she may have mentioned once or twice that she once called the Big Apple home.

“Oh are you guys eating bagels?” asked Coates, causing her coworkers to brace for what they knew was coming. 

“I used to LOVE the bagels in NYC! Sorry to tell you guys but these bagels are not real bagels!” 

Bagel gatekeeping is just one of the ways Coates ensures people know she was a New Yorker for 709 cosmopolitan days. Other methods include referring to taxis as cabs, complaining about the size of pizzas and simply calling the East Village ‘The Village.’ 

She is also very eager to explain to you what a ‘Bodega’ is. Turns out it’s just a corner store, but called a Bodega.



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