A local karaoke bar has reportedly been hiding the extensive Craig David collection that proves the ‘00s R&B artist really had a lot more than one or two songs.

Making a big break in 1999 before about four good years of intense radio airplay, for most people outside of England, Craig David is more of a moment in time – rather than an ongoing inspiration.

However, no one had mentioned this to Melissa and Mitch Liyan, owners of Betoota karaoke bar KareeSmokee who first made a splash with their vape-friendly karaoke rooms after the first lockdown of 2020.

Now the dynamic duo find themselves in the news again as it has been uncovered that they are big appreciators of Craig David and have more of his songs available to perform than any other artist.

“Let me guess, you only know What’s Your Flava?” Melissa asked our reporter who responded saying he knew the overtly sexual bop 7 Days as well.

“Prepare to have your mind blown, you uninitiated son of a bitch.”

As the not at all easy to navigate karaoke machine proved, Craig David did in fact have more than one or two songs and you know what, some of them still go alright.

“That’s just his back catalogue! We haven’t even touched his new stuff with MNEK yet!”



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