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A woman who has shown signs of having basic emotional intelligence has today announced that she in fact, equipped with a superior sixth finely attuned to pick up the most subtle flux in emotion.

Kayla Phillips [24] reportedly came to this conclusion after she noticed one of her colleagues was a little more silent than usual, prompting her to grow concerned. Immediately consorting to the Slack channel, Kayla had asked the usually bubbly blonde what was wrong, only to discover that her spidey senses had been correct and her friend was having some relationship troubles. 

This in turn, further affirmed that Kayla’s character assessment of herself was correct and that she was an empath – which was so totally typical of her Myers Briggs type, the ‘INFP’.

“I’m a really big feeler”, says Kayla to our reporter Effie, “like I genuinely take on the emotion of other people.”

“No wonder everyone comes to me about their problems.”

Mistaking an attentive ear and ability to process basic empathy as unusual, Kayla says she even suspects she could be a dark empath.

“Empaths are usually attracted to narcissists and vice versa”, Kayla explains, “and that sort of experience can turn them into a dark empath, which is WAY more dangerous.”

“I’ve always felt like I feel too much, so it’s good to finally have an explanation.’

Adding that she notices even the slightest change to someone’s tone, Kayla refuses to believe that has anything to do with a past trauma response and entirely to do with feeling more empathy than the average person.

“I just absorb people’s energy, I’m a natural healer.”

“Maybe I should become a counsellor?”

More to come.


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