After weeks of global speculation around the whereabouts of the Princess of Wales – the Royal Family has finally issued a statement this week.

The millions of concerned and/or bored suburban mums hypothesising on the Princess’s disappearance since January can finally breathe a sigh of relief that the she is alive and well on set for the next season of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (AU).

Concerns had been raised as Kate Middleton has not been seen publicly since Christmas Day. Not a photo, video, not even a blurred reflection in her husband’s dome.

On January 17, Kensington Palace announced that Kate will be “unlikely to resume her public duties until Easter”, in what some are referring to as a ‘cheeky Christian nod’.

The 3 month sabbatical has had many scratching their heads, eliciting conspiracy theories ranging from plastic surgery to a coma.

However, it has been confirmed that Kate has not had any health concerns whatsoever, and is actually in the jungles of South Africa partaking in the medium-rated Channel Ten reality show ‘I’m A Celeb AU’.

Joining Kate on the show this year will be new host Robert Irwin (taking over from Dr Chris Brown), and various Aussie celebrities such as Australian sports variety TV legend Fatty Vautin, former AFL star Dyl Buckley, and probably some MAFs contestant you’ve already forgotten.

When asked their thoughts on what the season will be like with a member of the Royal Family on board, a representative for Ten said “we are so excited for Kate to join us in the jungle.”

“We’re hoping we’ll be able to boost numbers by having a Princess do challenges like sticking her hand in a bucket of snakes, or trying to beat Fatty Vautin in a challenge to eat the most leopard testicles (good luck against the chilli king! haha)”

Channel 10’s ratings aren’t the only factor in this decision, with a Royal insider telling The Advocate “it’s no secret that the Royal Family are also in need of a rebrand”

It’s hoped that Middleton’s foray into reality TV will be able to “give the Royals a boost in relevancy not seen since Diana got her groove back with a string of sexy Arab lovers”


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