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As the world leaders continue to sit on their hands over the ongoing conflict in Palestine, the Italian Prime Minister has mulled a potential solution.

Speaking freely in Rome this morning, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni made the suggestion that a return of “Pax Romana” could potentially be a solution that brings an end to the ongoing violence in the Levant.

Pax Romana, meaning “Roman Peace,” was a period of relative stability and reduced military conflicts across the Roman Empire from 27 BCE to 180 CE. Initiated by Emperor Augustus, it fostered economic prosperity, cultural growth, and facilitated the free movement of people and goods. While not entirely devoid of conflicts, Pax Romana is characterised by a general absence of large-scale wars, contributing to a sustained period of relative peace and order.

“Tell me it doesn’t make sense,” said Prime Minister Meloni.

“The Roman Empire oversaw the greatest expansion of thinking and idealism in human history, until the Renaissance period. Another period of history where Italy let the way. There needs to be a solution to this conflict in the Levant and there needs to be one now,”

“Nobody is doing anything. There’s been peace in Itay for hundreds of years, well, not including the 40s but we won’t get into that. I think a return, a reinstatement of Pax Romana, could go to do some good in the region. The American empire isn’t doing anything to stop it,”

“It’s just a thought.”

More to come.


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