A reactively unknown player has today made headlines after a spectacular meltdown at the Australian Open.

The 100 and something ranked wildcard caused a scene yesterday afternoon by threatening the umpire, a linesman, and numerous members of the crowd.

The incident occurred during the fiery player’s heated 2nd round match against some Argentinian 29th seed.

With the player previously making complaints about people walking in and out of the arena during the game, he then had a spectacular blow up at the umpire during a crucial point in the 3rd set.

“Mate, are you fucking serious,” said the volatile sportsman whose income depends on fans interest in the game.

“That bloke in the tenth row is taking the piss. How can you let him sit there and breath so fucking loudly,” he continued, copping a point violation for his aggression towards the umpire.

The man in question was a congested tennis fan who had been plagued by allergies over the last couple of days, and reportedly was somewhat of a heavy breather.

However, with tennis players now apparently more sensitive than ever to people who pay to watch them being ‘disruptive,’ the heavy mouth breathing of the snotty man was cause for consternation.

“Can you please evict him if he’s gonna breathe that loudly.”

“Honestly, I can’t play in these conditions,” said the man who plays one of maybe 3 sports where spectators in large crowds are expected to sit in silence.

“He just breathed so hard during my ball toss.”

“I want him out,” he said before smashing his racquet and sitting on the court until the man agreed to leave the stadium.

More to come.


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