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A Betoota Heights father has revealed he’s not taken the same “to-the-gram type” care when mixing formula with his second-born child as he did the first time around.

When Dexter Bradley welcomed his first child into the world, he and is wife, Keemar, were overjoyed and terrified all at the time time.

That manifested, he tells The Advocate, in many ways.

“We’d both measure and weigh the water in the bottle and put in the exact amount of formula,” he explained.

“Took bloody ages each time. We kept all the bottles separate, made sure we always used the same sponge to clean them out. Made sure we always changed the water in the sanitiser. We cleaned the teats out with boiling water. We’d boil the jug for five minutes before we’d make formula with it. We did everything we we were preparing to operate on someone,”

“But with our second, mate, we’re not so pedantic.”

Dexter said he now does the water and formula mix by eye and reckons he knows exactly what a 35 degree bottle feels like just by holding it in his hand.

“You know these days,” he prefaced with a chuckle.

“I just go in with the boiled water. Mind you it’s just boiled, hasn’t boiled for five minutes. Get it somewhere near the right mark. If I’ve poured in too much water, I just heap the spoons a bit and go wang. Same if I’ve not put enough in, I leave a bit out of the scoop. If the baby hammers a whole bottle, we just mix up a top up in the same bottle. Fuck it,”

“Our second born is tough. Once we didn’t even have boiled water in the jug so he just got regular tap. It’s good for ’em, hey?”

More to come.


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