A local man with tickets to a premier sporting event is going to need a Plan B, it can be confirmed today.

William Hope, a moderately liked construction lawyer from our town’s Ford Raptor capital of Betoota Heights, is planning on heading down to Adelaide this weekend for the cricket.

However, given it’s first week back at the desk, he was forced to get tickets for the weekend days of the Test match against the West Indies.

The only problem with that, is that Day’s 4 and 5 require 3 full days of cricket to be played for them to go ahead.

To get 3 full days of cricket, it’s probably going to require Australia’s first batting innings to last at least 2 days.

This comes after the Windies tail produced nearly half of their runs, somehow managing to prolong the team’s time in the middle to a fraction over two sessions.

With Australia now likely to declare at 5 or 600 odd and then skittle the hapless Test match averse tourists, old mate William Hope is going to need to find something else to do for his 50 or so hours in Adelaide.

“I guess I’ll go look at the Malls Balls or whatever they have down there,” he sighed.

“And see a few churches maybe?”

“Or go on one of those weird train bus car things.”

“In reality I’ll probably just go to the pub.”


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