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First-year university student Lenny Solomon recently uncovered what he fervently believes to be an artisanal masterpiece in the world of beer.

Unbeknownst to young Len, he’s been drinking Fosters. The iconic Australian lager that has recently made a comeback locally, reclaiming its place on the shelves of bottle shops nationwide.

Len spoke to The Advocate at the Thirsty Camel drive-thru bottle shop opposite the South Betoota Polytechnic College, where he chuckled to himself as he presented a six-pack of pint cans to our reporter.

“I’m really into these indie beers, you know? Something unique that you’ve probably never heard of,” laughed the 19-year-old.

Fellow onlookers, adorned with their craft beer snobbery, exchanged amused glances as Lenny meticulously assessed labels, discussing hops and malts with a fervour only paralleled by seasoned beer connoisseurs. Little did he know, his handpicked Fosters Lager was once a staple at every Aussie barbecue, far from the realm of “indie” or “craft.”

Undeterred by our reporter’s pursed lips and slow nodding, Lenny approached the checkout, pint cans jangling in his right hand.

“God, you can’t beat that price? Can you? A six-pack of craft beer for under $25!” he said to our reporter.

“What a find this is.”

More to come.


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