What started as an unexpected celebrity romance, has since turned into a historic moment in American pop culture, as American comedian Pete Davidson experiences the unbridled chaos that comes with dating a Kardashian.

He joins a long list of NBA and NFL players, business figures, socialites and musicians who have been burnt by America’s royal family.

However, unfortunately for the 28-year-old SNL star, the current drama surrounding his personal life is not the type that has been manufactured by the Kardashian machine, and is therefore something out of their control.

Not even the family matriarch Kris Jenner can put a lid on the mayhem that is Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West.

To the delight of tabloid media, Kanye West’s manic upswing continues today, with another spree of social media posts that give insight into the current state of the troubled rapper’s restless mind.

Kanye West has gone as far posting a private text from estranged wife Kim Kardashian begging him to stop publicly slamming her new boyfriend Pete Davidson ‘before somebody gets hurt’

In another post, it seems that West may be taking his ex-wife’s advice, asked for none of his followers to “do anything physical” to Pete, vowing to “handle the situation” himself. However, the post still included a photo of one man putting another in a headlock.

The rapper has repeatedly called out Davidson in recent weeks, labelling the superstar comedian a “d**khead” – and sharing an earnest private text from Pete with his 11 million followers.

While the entire world watches on, Pete Davidson appears to be doing as much as he can to de-escalate the situation, assuring Kanye West he has no interest in making life hard for him – as a comedian who has made a name for himself by ridiculing this exact kind of vapid and shallow celebrity culture.

Unfortunately, it seems this kind of respectful tip-toeing may not be enough to calm down the clearly quite unstable Kanye West.

This leads everyone watching at home to ponder the question: ‘Is Pete Davidson one of those skinny types of whiteboys who can actually throw hands?’

While his rampant marijuana use and skater aesthetic would suggest that he has definitely been in a few fights in the Staten Island CostCo car park, does young Pete have the mongrel in him to take down an overweight 44-year-old college drop out?


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