An American TV presenter has been left utterly dumbfounded after discovering that an elderly Eastern European man loves talking about European history for an extended period of time, uninterrupted.

A trait commonly associated with senior men from almost every part of Southern and Eastern Europe, these long-winded ramblings dissect events that date back millennia, and thoroughly outline changes to borders and religious dominations over the course of history.

While the American believed hopping the pond to Europe and talking to an elderly man would be his career triumph – he seemed to somehow forget that unlike in his home country where political interviews usually contain WWE-esque soundbites and brainless culture war fodder – in Europe, an overwhelming stream of old and dry facts about history reign supreme in the arena of ideas.

The American man was taken aback by just how much an old European man enjoys talking about the forming of his home country in the 8th century, and how that contextualises acts of war against another country a millennium later. 

“He gave me homework to do after the interview, can you believe that?” The American lamented.

“I was at least hoping I would get a good sound-bite of him suggesting his opponents are secretly gay or something”.

While it wasn’t the interview he was hoping for, as a proud American he can confidently say that he was able to retain zero of the historical information he was lectured on, and is still struggling to comprehend how it can be night time in Moscow and day time in New York at the same time.


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