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A local city worker has done the math and came to the conclusion that she’s not getting much bang for her private health insurance buck – so she’s dumped it.

For the time being, Wendy Spears says she can do without the luxury.

She told our reporter that she’s healthy, she looks after herself. Mornings running to the gym, nights spent eating correctly-portioned dinners.

Children can wait and men? A dispensable commodity, she laughs.

“No they’re ok,” she said.

The portfolio director at the Lenards Chicken of local private wealth managers, Bell Potter Betoota, sat down with our reporter in the cafe opposite where the Bell Potter upper management like to long lunch.

“Look at those crust old pigs,” she said, pointing at a table in the restaurant across the street.

“They’re the ones who should be paying for private health insurance, not people like you and I. It’s crazy when you think about it, I’ve done the math and it’s just not worth it,”

“The biggest lie the health industry tells you is that you’re not a responsible adult until you’ve got basic hospital cover some other bit of jackaroo shit policy. The truth is they want you in paying money for nothing so the bloated rich pig boomers who need work done have money in the fund to put the drain snake through their greasy fucking aorta when they flop face down at little Lachie’s private school footy game and suffer the indignity of having paramedics cut their clothes off in front of perfect strangers!”

Our reporter nodded and pushed the cheeseboard they single-handedly demolished for lunch to the other side of the table.

“That’s why, Ingrid. That’s why. It costs a lot of money to turn arteries stiffer than a trolley pole back into something that’s going to last. I’m not paying for something I’m not using!”

More to come.


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