78 year-old Taree identity Reg “Slim” Flynn has not provided police with consistent stories about what happened to the three men who tried to rob his home
Police investigating the scene outside of Mr Flynn's Taree residence
Police investigating the scene outside of Mr Flynn’s Taree residence

8 March, 2015. 17:10

ALEXUS COBETT | North-NSW | Contact

Three men remain in hospital today after what is believed to have been a late-night home invasion gone sour in Taree on friday.

The group of three to four suspected ‘junkies’ have been terrorising the streets of Taree for some time, with a string of break and enters.

However it appears the serial burglars have recently struck trouble of their own when they attempted to break in to the house of former tent boxing champion, 78 year-old local Reg “Slim” Flynn.

78 year-old Taree identity Reg “Slim” Flynn has not provided police with consistent stories about what happened to the three men who tried to rob his home
78 year-old Taree identity Reg “Slim” Flynn has not provided police with consistent stories about what happened to the three men who tried to rob his home. PHOTO: Taree Rotary Club

At around 10:15 pm on Friday night, neighbours of Mr Flynn reporting hearing “muffled whispers and footsteps” followed by a “slamming door“.

The chaos that erupted was described by Reg’s next door neighbour as “World war fucking three”.

“Old Reg had obviously known they were in the house…  He’s gone and locked both the front and back doors and worked them over. They couldn’t get out!”

“He turned the lights off and everything. He may look like a gentle old man but Reg showed himself to be a real sicko”

The chaotic scenes were reported to have continued until local police arrived on the scene, one whole hour and a half later, to find three men – in their late teens and early twenties – unconscious and bleeding profusely from multiple facial lacerations on Mr Flynn’s front lawn.

Police say no charges have been laid yet, as they are still working to piece together the unusual turn of events.

AAP cameras were able to snap images of Flynn’s bruised knuckles as he made way out of the police station yesterday morning, but when questioned by local media about how he had incurred such recent injuries, he stated that he had cut his hands fixing up his roof gutters a “couple of weeks ago.”

Mr Flynn's hands, photographed as he left the Taree police station
Mr Flynn’s hands, photographed as he left the Taree police station PHOTO: AAP

The Advocate was able to contact Reg’s estranged wife, Marie, about the matter. Mrs Flynn stated on the record that:

“[Reg] towelled those druggie fuckwits for two whole hours. He wiped the floor with the lot of them”

However, Reg has provided a different account in the official police report.

“I was watching some old Wheel Of Fortune shows on the telly when I heard someone out the front. They were making their way up the stairs and into my house. I must have given them a fright because all three fell down the stairs and knocked my themselves out.”

Reg, a junior rugby league coach and former prize fighter, still works as a bouncer at a local hotel
Reg, a junior rugby league coach and former prize fighter, still works as a bouncer at a local hotel

One thing that old Reg wasn’t able to explain was how the three men were able to knock themselves unconscious and land ten metres away with such severe injuries.

Witnesses claim it looked as though their bodies had been dragged down the front steps.

This statement also counteracts statements made by neighbours:

“I saw old Reg run to his front door and lock it after seeing someone sneaking in the back side. I heard him cry “Let’s dance, pretty boy!” and the house erupted,”

However, as cruel as the alleged “beat down” was, the greater Taree community have rallied behind Mr Flynn.

“I just took one look at the poor blokes and patted ol’ Reg on the back. He had punched holes through them. Not so tough now are they!”

Despite his age, Mr Flynn still holds several records in six divisions for boxing in North-NSW, which makes him the number one suspect for this grotesque assault. The fact that he still works as a security guard at the local Taree nightspot “Foths” (The Fotheringham Hotel) was not lost on the detectives either

However, until the three hospitalised men are able to make a statement, no further inroads can be made in the case.

Many local community members have rallied around Reg, claiming that he is a hero and should be treated as one.


  1. In France He would be Hailed as a hero, in OZ it is yet to come , my guess is he will be charged for Exessive force, we will have to wait and see.
    For Me,Well done REG !!

  2. “which makes him the number one suspect for this grotesque assault.” – grotesque assault, youve gotta be kidding, these scum invaded his house and got what was coming to them, grotesque asssault should read “deserved flogging” – good on you reg!!

    • My thoughts exactly – 3 young guys invade an old guy’s house in the dark of night and the old guy fights back… that’s not assault, that’s defence, and exactly what they deserved!

    • The fact that the junkies were; 3 young men in their 20’s and teens and beaten so bad that they were unable to give statements immediately after would suggest that a trained and experienced fighter (even at 78) may have gone too far in his idea of punishment (no matter how valid the responce may seem).

      • Too far?

        What’s with the bleeding heart crap.

        They are still breathing are’nt they?
        I bet they will think twice about doing it again!
        Not likely to be the case with our pathetic Court system!
        They’d be more likely to give them an Ice Cream & a free ride home!
        The Courts have proven time & time again that they are willingly letting these type of scum go & re-offend, sometimes with fatal consequenses (to the public) I guess the more times these twirps offend & front the Court, the more secure thier job is & more income for them.
        It is high time they were held accountable for thier descissions & high time propper punishments were dished out.

        On ya Reg! Your a true Champ!

      • Well Paddy you are obviously with the new age soft people on “criminals rights”. The minute (they) enter premises without permission and with intent to do wrong (they) forfeit all rights. One could argue that these criminals intended to harm if hindered and therefor the home owner acted in self defence. The lights were out therefore the home owner defending himself, his home and its occupants (if any)had no idea if the perpetrators were armed nor how dangerous they were, he was fighting for his life (after all he was out numbered 3 to 1). He would not have known the extent of the injuries inflicted upon them until he overpowered them and they stopped fighting back.
        What would you have done in this situation Paddy? Smacked then on the bottom with a feather duster!

      • Are you a relative of the three blokes who raided Reg’s home??? I’d love to know where you live Paddy….sounds like you need the same type hiding….

      • Paddy, what would YOU have done if they broke into your house? They are not there to have coffee and biscuits. . . Oh, what’s that? You would reason with them? I’m sure that would work, NOT. Wake up! You’d be the first one to wish someone like Reg was there to help you, or cry for the Police. How could anyone prove that Reg inflicted the injuries anyway? The lights were out. Sounds to me like the maggots punched each other out in the dark, thinking they were attacking Reg, which is obviously why they broke in!! Go Reg, you’re a true Aussie legend, there should be more like you. I’m going to see if there’s some way I can buy you a beer from where I live 3,000 km away.

    • The author put the words “grotesque assault” in parentheses (speech marks), which means it was a direct quote from someone else, not the authors own opinion. Maybe get some education before pointing fingers.

      • Erm… a parenthesis is the phrase held within brackets. Not quotation marks, which are just called quotation marks.

        What was that you were saying about education, Ashleigh??

      • Mr Rong
        Pull your head in . Sit on the other side of the unJustice system. In Sexual assauly juveniles can get off by pleaing they didnt understand that no meant no.
        Its corruption!

  3. good on you Reg , you are a champion .they got what they deserve, even if some do gooder judge lets them of at least you did what you had to. I hope your alright . Great Aussie bloke.

    • totally agree, sum judges will let them off, and the only thing poor Reg can hold his high about is that he gave them the flogging that they deserve cause of stupid legal rights won’t lock them behind bars, at least the fogging will (can only hope) stop them thinking about breaking into other people’s homes in the near future

  4. Good on you Slim, regardless of the outcome he was defending himself and his home, never underestimate old blokes in The Ree, some were bred tough as nails. I hope these kids get charged accordingly.

  5. bloody hell reg you must put a light out there so those poor blokes if they come to visit again they can see and wont fall over and those bloody gutters can be nasty things to fix maybe wear gloves next time you fix the gutter

  6. I grew up in Taree, good on the old dude as its one awful ,godforsaken place. Full of as stated junkies and scumbags ,invading old folk. My grandmother still lives there and its great to see a few of the disgusting little grubs get what’s deserved and obviously neglected by their parents. A good damn accidental fall down the stairs, I wanna buy this man a beer

  7. Three of ’em unconscious in the front yard..? No-one knows how it happened..? It’s certainly a mystery but sometimes you’ve just got to let sleeping dogs lie…

  8. One against three,.. That says it all poor reg could have been another statistic. Anyone else wouldnt haveahd a chance,..lucky they tripped over he gutters/.they wont do that again. cheers Reg

  9. It’s pretty clear what happened.
    Obviously Reg gets up to go to bed and turns the lights out, as usual.
    The home invaders get confused, give themselves a fright, and lash out. In the darkness and confusion they give themselves a hiding, mistaking their opponent for the occupant of the house or some other opponent.
    Reg, not hearing as well as he used too, probably thought it was rats or possums in the roof, and slept through the whole thing.
    After these dickheads realise what’s going on and how much noise they made, they decide to leave through the front door quick smart, take a tumble in the dark, and manage to drag themselves out onto the front lawn before lapsing into unconsciousness.
    Obvious,isn’t it?

  10. The benefit of the doubt has to go in Reg’s favour. You are by law entitled to make effectual defence against what reasonably may appear to be an impending attack. You don’t have to wait for the burglar to hit you first. In your own dwelling you don’t have to retreat. If you are outnumbered then a knockout blow is not excessive.
    The burglars can get a discount on their sentences for copping a bit of part-punishment. And they should take a walk down the hall of mirrors and have a good long hard look at themselves.

    • Sorry Judy, but Reg will be unable to go to America ,as he will be blind drunk for a couple of months yet, as we Aussies will all love to buy him a congratulatory beer or two; as we love to entertain our heroes in this way. Reg for PM.

  11. On Ya Reggie,

    You must of been bloody good in the tents, because your nose is in good nick.

    Your neighbours could of helped you in two ways……

    Best of luck. Hurts everyone when people prey on supposedly “weaker” members of society….they will remember your lesson.

  12. A true artist of the knuckle sarnie good on you the best laugh I have had in years 78 and still praticing ding ding round two ,lol.

  13. I love this guy!! What you want for christmas Reggie?

    And hang your heads in shame anyone who trys to convict this guy of anything

  14. hahahah brilliant!
    glad he is safe and unharmed.
    Maybe these young men have learned a valuable lesson….be careful not to fall.

  15. Well done Reg, a true down to earth Aussie taking care of things as though we lived in a world where men were still real men. Not true of course Reg but you’re the real deal. Congratulations!

  16. Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!
    Legend. Maybe the dirty pieces of crap will think twice before trying to rob older people. The gutless bastards obviously thought he’d be a “soft target”
    What would have happened had he not been able to look after himself?

    • agree Darren, gutless no hopers picking a soft target, they got everything they deserved and it’s called karma. Lowest of low picking on defenseless Elderly citizens makes me sick to the core. Well done Reggie

  17. Good you Reg. I’m not sure what happened to our justice system or should I say lack of a justice system. The good such as you who are protecting their own home and life get punished but the bad are allowed to continue their stupidity? It’s very confusing. Again well done Reg. XO

  18. In England he would telephone the police who would not respond,but if he told the police he was defending his home they would come and arrest him.Let us hope he is not charged

  19. Good on ya mate!

    The scum got what they deserved! I reckon they will never live this episode down. Tell ya what, you must still be in great shape!
    Your a bloody hero!

  20. He may have gone a bit far but…. justice has been served up to the boys – finally…. and brilliant lesson – we should be able to protect what is ours…… if someone enters your home without permission then I say far game. They are up to no good…..When did society go so wrong to make this guy the villain and the ones in the hospital the good guys?

    • my point exactly, stop looking at how this man defended himself and his property and look at all the crimes these lazy wasted excuse for humans have been doing in that area for too long!

  21. well done to whom ever taught them a lesson.!! we all know the worst they would get in court is a slight rap on the knuckles before being let out to do it again hopefully this is one lot of losers whom will think twice before re offending. Better justice than our society can give well done

  22. now this guy deserves a Knighthood!, should be more of it, I remember when you could leave your doors and windows open.

  23. Too often we see the eldery bashed to an inch of their lives or to the death, scum who pray on the elderly should all be sent to Reg for a little life lesson, well done Reg we are all behind you

  24. If they hadn’t been in his house, they would not have ended up in hospital! End of story! We should be allowed to feel safe in our homes, if this hero gets charged, we need to send a message not just to the politicians, but the Law makers themselves. Enough is enough, start defending your citizens and start by giving sentences that deter!

  25. Somehow I think the “victims” will be too ashamed to admit that they were done over by an “old” man, a so called “easy” target. Good on you Reg, should be more like you

  26. Good on you regie he should get a medal and thoughs piles of shit should go to jail for break and enter and everyone who supports Reggie should picket the police and Cort house if they Persue charges but I am sure common sense should prevail. Give him the keys to the city

  27. Technically wouldnt it be affray because there was so many of them trying to assult him? And also home invasion? Poor reg had to defend himself, at his age he would have been fearful for his life!

  28. This story makes me want to move back to Taree pronto. Give Reg a knighthood. Better still, a seat in parliament. The head seat and dish out the same treatment to all would-be Australian druggies here and banged up abroad.


  29. This is all that is wrong in the world today … What is going on when three junkies can’t even break into an elderly mans house without being beaten up. 50 years ago a guy like Reg would’ve done the decent thing and made them a cup of tea while they robbed him. Not any more!!!

  30. This is all that is wrong in the world today … What is going on when three junkies can’t even break into an elderly mans house without being beaten up. 50 years ago a guy like Reg would’ve done the decent thing and made them a cup of tea while they robbed him. Not any more!!!

  31. maybe that’ll keep them in hospital long enough to go cold turkey and get over it. i don’t think he used excessive force, they’re not dead, but i’m not sure that shooting the three of them as they invaded someone’s home would be excessive force either
    he’s a bloody legend
    sure it’ll have to get dragged through the courts, but hopefully they’ll find that he was fixing his gutters in self defence and put the other three in gaol for a bit

  32. i am related to a old commonwealth champion boxer named Kevin James and all I can say is you never want to tick off a boxer,ever..sounds like karma was just doing its job

  33. What a champ you are Reg glad that you gave em what for. I know how I felt when my mum & dad got robed 1 night by a scum bag. Just wished I was there when he broke in. Hope the knuckles get better son mate & wear gloves next time you do gutter work.

  34. Good on him these idiots learnt a lesson to stay out of other people’s homes the old fashioned way. Enough elderly people has been assaulted in their homes so it makes me happy to hear these morons had this happen to them. Remember they entered his home as a group with bad intensions if they weren’t there it wouldn’t of happened. The law system is bull shit in this country the guys in hospital are the only Criminals here and Reg did us all a service.

  35. Three against one, I reckon that was excessive. Now given the fact that they invited themselves into his home to steal and likely hurt him at the same time, I think they got what they asked for! He should not be charged! He’s a seventy-eight year old man protecting himself. His example should serve to make these idiots think twice before trying it on again. Supposing they have brains to think with, of course!

  36. Well 3 men fell and hurt them selves silly buggars bet you they don’t do it again reg you are a champ I’m proud of you .

  37. I’m 62 and have recently held a fear of a Home Invasion.
    Could I do the same as Reg??…doubt it, but would happily pay him to be my bodyguard !!!
    The Police should make it known CLEARLY that he acted within his rights defending himself and his property.
    He demonstrated to the weirdos, junkies and losers that he is not one to be toyed with and will have a secure home from now on.
    WHY do the Police take such a useless stance ??
    Do they think that by condoning such action, they might cause many more people to defend themselves and their property to the detriment of Criminals !!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Good on you Reg! Lucky you got them before they got you! Those mongrels wouldn’t have thought twice about attacking you in the dark and leaving you unconscious like so many elderly before you! Knowing our so called justice system you will go to jail and the true crims will get a slap on the wrist!!

  39. So the 3 guys in bash the 75 year old and get away then what he is a victim of assault? Police don’t get them after the 2 hour late arrival poor fella loses more than his dignity. He stands up for himself against there attempts to rob and probable assault him. Just he isn’t the defenseless person they have preyed upon before. It’s simple self defense, they are alive. Move on and I bet they do this stuff again and get abused again. At least everyone knows who these selfish weak people are now!!!

  40. Of course the cops try to finger poor old Reg. Got nothing better to do but look to charge people in the country for defending their homes. Place is a nanny state. You come into a man’s home to rob him I don’t care if you get killed you’re a scum bag and you won’t be missed.

  41. so tripping on drugs can’t even see that if one falls over they ended up tripping over each other. Damn crims just getting dumber and dumber…hope your gutters are secured properly now Reg…one must always prepare for storm season!!!

  42. Whatever happened to self defence & breaking & entering charges…. Hmm something has gone badly wrong with the Law… What if this was not Slim, & was an elderly Lady, she could’ve been murdered by these thugs!!

  43. Comment is STILL awaiting moderation? How long does it take? If you don’t hurry up then I will send Reg round!

  44. I don’t blame Slim for being vague on events .In this idiot Australia of political correctness he has little rights than to be a victim of cowardly scumbags junkies .Drug test these crackheads and charge them for being home invaders in company with intent.
    As for old mate.Bravery award !!!!

  45. If this happened in America, where most households have a gun, he would have been within his rights to shoot these assholes, and the Police would turn a blind eye…

  46. If this had happened in America, where most households have a gun, he would be within his rights to shot these assholes, and not be charged with any offence.

  47. Oh my.. you are my hero Reg! At 78 years old you have my undying respect for protecting what is yours and having these scumbags wake up to what they truly deserve. Now sue them for PSTD ..

  48. Our very own Clint Eastwood from Down Under. God I would have loved to be a fly on the wal watching there arses get kickedl, Great defense,job well done.

  49. The only ear-witness accounts indicate this was nothing but an impromptu dance master-class that went horribly wrong, Your Honour…

  50. Definitely not a fair fight. Reg should have asked them to go home and come back with a couple more mates along to even things up a little.

  51. We’re constantly hearing about the elderly being attacked. Maybe someone will think twice now. Good on the old guy. So what if they copped a beating. I have now doubts that’s what he would have copped had he not gotten in first. Local hero. If he was in my pub he’d never pay for a beer again.

  52. What a Legend!!!, the sad thing is Reg will most likely be charged with assault if not something more serious, and these arse wipes will get away with the crime they intended, and chances are they will return when they recover and either break into Reg’s home again and Rob him blind or get him when he least expects it because that’s what low life pieces of shit like this do. Look out for yourself Reg and hope your neighbours look out for you as well.

  53. leave him alone NSW Police! This man has just done exactly what anyone else could only dream of being capable of! We all say this is what we would do. To charge this man for any crime is a dangerous precident. It would effectively take away our right to defend our own home! Hats off Reg u bloody champion! I should also point out that if the outcome had of been different where was his protection? 1 1/2 hour response time??? Absolutely disgraceful! He would be in hospital or worse. Thanx Reg uv made me proud!!

  54. To the author Alexus Cobett, How do you call this a grotesque assault? This is an elderly man sitting in his home minding his own business. Its just rare that the home invaders came off second best. The usual outcome is a senior citizen is brutially assaulted. Big cheers to you Reg and sucked in to the three drug %$#ed idiots that broke into your home.

  55. In his situation I would have done the same thing. However, I am somewhat unsettled by a few things; the so-called “bruised knuckles” don’t look genuinely bruised, & miscellaneous typos.

  56. Good on you Reg, you deserve a medal for your actions. I hope the scum that invaded your home pine and rot in prison!

  57. So what you are saying is that if that old man had killed them in the assault then they would not be able to speak after and no one would be pressing any other charges. WOW suggistve media or what, you have here. Remember this for the future folks if you are going to defend your self vs 4 out their minds serial criminals who have been breaking into old people’s homes you kill them is what I get as a message from this article.

  58. All “Australian” ISIS members returning to this great country should be made to spend 1 hour locked in a room with old Reggie.

  59. It’s not about what Slim might have done, it’s more a reflection of what society allows and the level of police protecting their citizens. I’m sorry but if I was a criminal I’d never stand up in court and admit to being trashed by a 78 year old. I think I’ll stay with falling down the steps several times. Stop the drugs, take the re-hab and learn a lesson.


  61. One of the main reasons for all of these home invasions and break ins is the there is no punishment for the offenders once they are caught ,it’s about time all of these so called magistrates got off the fat arises and did some thing constructive for the community they are supposed to be looking after ,they are paid extremely well and it’s time they started being proactive

  62. Police obviously have an issue with making sure that these ‘minors’ are in safe hands in the care of an adult. In this case Reg who in good faith has provided them with some important life skills. He has spent nearly 2 hours of his time providing training that they then were in such a rush to get home to tell their proud parents that they’ve accidentally fallen over themselves in the rush. There endeth the first lesson boys, free of charge. Good onya Reg.

  63. Well done !!! You defended your home, yours and your family’s integrity and well being. Where do we sign the petition to get you out of trouble if you end up being charged thanks to the silly laws that should apply to the home invading junkies?

  64. ANYONE who robs or invades a persons home deserves exactly what these hoods got. Anyone who thinks Reg was in the wrong remember this is a 75 year old man its lucky he could fight. If anyone is looking for sympathy for these thugs LOOK BETWEEN SHIT AND SUICIDES IN THE DICTIONARY that’s the only sympathy they get from me .Take care Reg youu are my new hero

  65. Poor Reg, you must be exhausted after all this attention. Let me know, I’ll come and mow your lawns for a month to give you a break

  66. Two things: Home invasions usually result in the invaders harming the occupant/s and, to my knowledge, when someone is suddenly “in fear of their life” they are legally entitled to defend themselves as best they can. Reg evidently didn’t arm himself with a weapon (I.E. a cricket bat or similar) and attack the invaders, and, if he was in fear of his life when attacked by three or four men – in the dark and not knowing how lethally they were armed, he simply defended himself. Fortunately his boxing skills stood him in good stead and he managed to survive the ordeal, though others may not have been as fortunate.
    Alternatively, perhaps after three of them injured themselves falling down the steps, a fourth person may have tried to drag them away but panicked and ran off as the Police came towards the residence.
    In any case, Reg grew up in different times – when the laws were different and, in my opinion were much more aligned to common sense and private property was respected as being just that!

  67. Grotesque assault….I think not! These 3 idiots finally got what they deserved!
    There is no way that Reg should be charged. The 3 junkies should never have entered his home.
    Our justice system is seriously screwed up to even think that Reg is in the wrong.
    Reg is a legend! I wish I could defend myself as well as he has!

  68. the way in which you depict this story is terrible, junkies got what junkies deserve! At least the head line isn’t another of our elderly generation being robbed and beaten with in an inch of their lives or worse still dead from these scum of the earth. Obviously Taree police were doing a great job of tracking down these gutter scum.
    Instead of calling what he did grotesque how about giving him the recognition for taking this filth of the streets.

  69. Some courts to their discredit ignore the fact when sentencing criminals the safety of law abiding public has to be taken into account. So what do we get, loads of hogwash and concoctions from the defense lawyers and criminals get let out on good behavior bonds or some other nonsense. These gutless pricks copped a deserved flogging, when the law fails to protect the public then human nature will take over and people like Reg will take whatever action as needed to defend themselves. The old boys network in the legal profession dont like victims taking action such as Reg did, whether or not this is because it deprives a lawyer of fees only they can answer that, go Reg you are a hero.

  70. I just wonder how much consideration some courts observe to their duty of protection of the public when sentencing, the public is sick and tired of violent offences being committed by those favored by the courts in granting bail, sometimes more than once. If the legal profession does not want mandatory sentences imposed by Governments then they should sentence according to community standards and expectations, and observe any increases in penalties that Parliaments impose.Reg is a hero in dispatching these 3 young gutless thugs who thought he would be an easy target and this is probably the only deterrent to curb their ways that they have ever faced. If the Law doesnt wake up, you cant legislate for human nature and more citizens are likely to resort to defending themselves.

  71. ALEXUS COBETT, You are the same as these low-lives. Calling this a grotesque assault is beyond belief. Hope it happens to you one day and then you can consider your reaction. Shame, Shame, Shame.

  72. I believe his story. They accidentally slipped down the steps, and due to one in a million circumstances, knocked themselves out, suffering various cuts from the falls. No question about it. I’m sure the offenders will have second thoughts about “slippery steps” next time.

  73. Pretty boys couldn’t dance hey reg??? Obviosly had 2 left feet each that deserves at least 6 left hooks. ….haha sucked in scumbags you should get locked up!!!! But the laws gone crazy they’ll probably get sympathy and methadone.go the vigilante.

  74. Good on Reg has reminded the nation and a few druggy types what a true blue Aussie man is all about and the ethics they lived by and stood for back when Australia was truly the lucky country.

  75. Reg needs to help his neighbours with their gutters too, although they no doubt got suckered b the cops and their “It’s o.k. we just want to help” line of bs…

    But the real problem is the damned lefties. And the idiots that keep voting them in. The System is run by the type of people who would walk through Kings Cross see a bloke lying on the ground having been bashed and robbed and walk past without offering any assistance to him, and say “Oh dear Fred, the bloke whoever did that really needs our help”.

    It’s just fortunate that Reg didn’t…

  76. having seen older people on the news targeted by these types of scum and the damage done on all levels life has gone crazy shame on their parents your castle well done mate.

  77. Well done Reg. If you lived in the nanny state you would be charged for not providing a refreshment whilst being robbed.

  78. Good. One. Reg. I hope. You. Gave them. Something. To. Remember. For. The rest. Of. Their. Lives. All the. Best

  79. We would all be seeing different events if Reg wasn’t able to “Fix his Guttering”.
    Good on Reg, if you look at our rights as human beings we should be able to defend our space and be supported by our community and authorities. Interesting how the “Group” have been terrorising the town and still walking around unchecked.
    Reg is the one to watch Wheel of Fortune unmolested and keep his possessions.
    Thanks for the inspiration and strength to be.

    Amazing how far one can fall down stairs.
    Good onya Reg.

  80. I thought you can use as much force as you like to remove some one from your property not to mention an old men that has been attacked in his own home good on you REG

  81. I am a sincere Christian, but in all honesty, i think Reg ‘Slim’ deserves a bravery medal.
    I hope this will deter them from their life of crime & thinking twice about the elderly being easy targets….

  82. “Fly like a butterfly.. Sting like bee” . Kudos to Reg… A man’s right to protect his own. We know the real criminals here. Some things are best left alone!!!

  83. They had no right encroaching on his property so they suffered the consequences. What would you want him to do, sit there and let them attack him? NOT LIKELY! The got what they deserved.

  84. Good on you Reg about time those junkies fell down those stairs [they are steep and dangerous in the dark wwnn]This country needs more good people like you Take care mate

  85. just shows how things have changed…60 years ago after picking up these low scumbags off the lawn,they would have been taken back to the cop shop,and then got ‘another biffing’oh for the good old days !!

  86. if they had gotten the upper hand this would have been a story about three young thugs attacking an elderly 78 year old in the security of his own home – so what is the difference! Oh that’s right – he beat the shit out of them! Giving consideration to his age – I say that’s reasonable! Good on you Reg!

  87. So As aussies we can legally go and fight for someone else’s country ?! But You can’t (potentially) fight for you’re life in you’re own home , We have a 78yo senior citizen here that did what it took to look after himself and his home , and he may get prosecuted for it !!!!! The Countries Fucked , meanwhile we have convicted rapists , murders , child molesters , drug dealers , home invaders with Rap sheets pages and pages long that should never of been released walking around free Because they have RIGHTS , The goverment needs to start looking after its law abiding , tax paying citizens instead of its fucken scummy criminals , and convicted herion smugglers ……

    • Well said Jimmy!!!!

      Fucking well said. Our justice system is fucked

      Well DONE REG! I would have done the same thing!

    • Could be a civil uprising over this issue. Long overdue. We can fight in Iraq but not fight to protect ourselves in our homes. Something definitely wrong there and has been for a long time.




  89. Talk about a classic , lets dance pretty boy , brilliant , you know to a certain degree i almost feel for the drug dependant youth , Bullshit i do , they would have terrorised anybody else but instead got there sorry asses kicked , keep kicking ass there old reg .Well done there old fella .

  90. I,m 65 ,about 2 years ago i was at an ATM when some scrawny junkie stuck a knife in my ribs and grabbed my card and demanded the pin when i gave it to him he turned rond to use it in the ATM .I now own a nice shiny knife and a junkies wallet and I.D.but he hasnt come to ask for it back ,GO REG

  91. You are a true legend Reg. My sister and her family were on holidays at Narooma and were robbed and assaulted with a knife by a druggie. I reckon there should be more of it getting a bit of revenge on these pricks. Your a hero Reg.

  92. If the DPP even thinks for a nanosecond about bringing charges, it’s time to leave and go and live somewhere more civilised, like Iraq.
    He shouldn’t even have to justify his actions, but the poor, misunderstood scrotes with Legal Aid will no doubt suggest that they were subjected to horrific violence…ah but isn’t that what their defence is from their deprived and violent upbringing?
    Isn’t about time all jurisdictions in Australia created legislation that anyone caught in your home can get the living shit kicked out of them? Who, apart from tree-huggers wouldn’t agree with tht?
    21 Century people, time for a change.

    • I can’t believe you are not allowed to protect your home by force in Australia. There is gun control here in many States of the USA but every State allows their citizens to protect their home. The only time it becomes an issue is if you shot the scum in the back or if they fall out of your door when you hit them, then you have to drag them back into the house flip them over and shot them again in the front and no charges would be brought up against you. What a crime it is that Reggie has to defend himself to the courts

  93. Reggy Balboa…
    Rocky has nothing on you champ, well done these scumbags got what they deserved, wish you well with court case Reg but my guess is justice will prevail in this case & the Cops & Judge will find a way to see so.

  94. Good on you “old Reg”. They deserved everything they got . Bout time junkies etc got a dose of tough justice . reg you deserve a medal!!

  95. I would hate to think what would have happened to reg had he not been a 78 year old boxing champ and just your average 78 year old man.

  96. This old fella is an absolute hero and deserves to be Australian Of The Year in my opinion! Really made our day day down here in Victoria, enough to bring a bloke to tears!

  97. Good on you mate, if only there were more people like you out there with the skills to teach these type of people a lesson. How dare THEY come into your house in order to attack & rob you! Best story I’ve read all day! May the law be on your side, if not I hope you think it was worth it & you would do it again! ‘Come on pretty boy, let’s dance’ Love it!

  98. How much outrage would the legal system have done if this elderly gentleman had of been assaulted or killed by these scumbags. Good on you Reg, You are a true Aussie hero and the police should do their job correctly and have picked these thugs up and locked them up ages ago. Any person should be able to protect themselves with reasonable force, bare knuckles should be considered reasonable force. I would do the same and I am but a timid housewife, but no one had better dare anyone come into my home. How dare they invadde our space and security. Wish there were more law makers like you mate, GOOD ON YOU.

  99. A job well done that is how you dish out summary justice to dirt bags. Now lets hope the court does the right thing to the dirt bags. Great job Reg. you are number 1 in my eyes.

  100. I can’t believe they would even consider laying charges on this great old Aussie. First of all it was obviously self defense, secondly they were trespassing in his home and last but not least they would not have had any reservation in assaulting this man had they been able to.

    Good job mate, they got what they deserved and if there is any consideration of laying charges against you I will send the hat around to ensure you get the best defense possible as well as ensuring this story and the ensuing injustice goes viral.

  101. will follow this and support Reg. if there was ever a statement that should be made against criminals and our hopeless justice system is that he should be held up as a hero and be considered for an Australian medal or citizen of the year award. if this story was made bigger most a good portion of Australia would get behind this and effect change. Knowing how stupid the outcome of this could be for Reg makes me want to get involved in politics if anything so I can protect my own family in the future. political correctness is a disease and the complete opposite of what is morally right. if anyone can tell me how to get behind this I would love feedback.

  102. Good on you Reg, you’re a legend! I had scum break into my house when I was alone with 3 small children and the police took 20 mins to get there, I was terrified! We could have been dead! You should be able to defend yourself…. Your house=your rules!!!!

  103. Reg, you are the best. Fuck Ned Kelly, you should go down in Australian folk law as a national hero. Makes me proud to be an Aussie. Get behind this guy Australia

  104. the cops should be calling it self defense as the arseholes broke into the regs house he was minding his own business in his own house not like it was a pub brawl or anything they shouldnt be breaking into someone elses house frigging druggies support your own bloody habits and piss off and leave other peoples things alone

  105. I stopped at Taree in the middle of the night (driving to Sydney). It is a shthole, teenage kids roaming the middle of the streets, sitting in the driveway of the petrol stations so motorists couldn’t get fuel.. even the service station and attached McDonalds were afraid.. any sign of police?? NOPE!! I asked the service station attendant `Do you know the best part of Taree?’.. `Nope he replied’.. I said `the fecking 110 klms highway that goes past.. I will never stop in this shthole place again!!’.. That ladies and gentlemen is what Taree is all about..

  106. good on Ya Reg you have my greatest respect.the voice of the citizens of Australia will keep those softcock judges in line.live a long and happy life and stay safe.

  107. Taree citizens have had enough of being terrorised by these types of people…people who show no respect for others.
    I had a ‘junkie’ break into my home for no reason at all. I was alone with my 2mth old who was lucky not to be injured by the rock or the glass, from the window above her cot, that he threw it through. I called to neighbours for help. He was tripping to push his way into my house to look for his dog….obviously tripping out.
    His punishment, from the court, I read in the paper, was to write a letter of apology! Honestly…..wtf!
    After moving to another home, we were targeted 3 more times for robbery. If you live in taree and haven’t been burglarised, home invaded, abused verbally in taree cbd, then you are definitely a minority! So very sad for a largely innocent and hard working community.
    Stand strong Taree….something has to change!

  108. How many times have we all heard on the new or radio that a elderly person or couple have been bashed and left for dead because some junkie wants his next fix..well all I can say is slim your a champion you have worked hard in your life to get what is yours and to have some low down scum come into your house and try to take that from you they deserve every bit punishment they got Wether it falling down stairs or not..good luck in the future..your a true inspiration.

  109. Australian laws a stupid when it comes to trespassing, if someone’s on your property without your permission or with bad intent, as Reg would say, “Let’s dance pretty boy” 😛

  110. Well done Reg!!! I just hope the guys in hospital don’t decide to show Reg a payback lesson down the track. And cause they now know they can’t win a fair fight against him …. What will they do?

  111. good on you reg this is a great story its so good that you floged the 3 junkies they are real scum can the paper please put a photo of the scumbags on the front page so every one in the town can flog them when seen in public take care reg you champ

  112. Its discraceful to hear the media call the attack “grotesque”, poor Reg is at home minding his own business and they break in, anything that happens to them after that point is their fault. They completely deserved what they got.

  113. well done Reg, its good to see that someone can stand up for them self. Its about time someone took some control and do what they know is right. It time to give people like those guys a lesson or two.

  114. Good for u reg so proud of u .bastards have got no rights to be in ur home,i think ur a champ. We need u to move up here to kempsey n sort a few of the thugs in our town out .

  115. good onya mate last of the knuckle men they got what they where looking for, a bit of a knuckle up just didn’t turn out the way they planned. A true Aussie…

  116. Im a little confused by a neighbour not calling police as soon as he/she knows there are intruders in their neighbours house. What if Slim hadn’t faired so well? The report seems to allude to the neighbour not liking Slim’s supposed means of protecting himself and property!
    Good to see a bloke stand up to these thugs. Stop enabling them they need consequences for their behaviour.

  117. What a fantastic response by the general public! there is no doubt that Reg is a hero. As an elderly Gentleman I could only wish that I had the same stamina to defend my turf when some Dopeheads decide to invade my space. If Reg is charged with anything, it should be for being a decent human being. Please let him loose in the community to dish out more of his special gutter treatment.

  118. Great Stuff! Should happen more often, imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t been able to defend himself. Maybe attacks on old people or young for that matter,might stop.

  119. Why should reg get into any trouble, even if he did work them over. Totally self defense, they got scared ran away and fell down the stairs. He’s 78 and did over three young guys who broke into his house, if the police charge Reg with anything we should all get out on the street protesting against the injustice.

  120. They were lucky. In the States he could have just shot them all perfectly legally in self defense. In AU a beat down on some scumbags lands the robbery victim in a pot of legal boiling water. That’s bullshit!

  121. Do you feel lucky? Punks, we’ll, do you ?

    Give Reg an Ôscar for keeping the tradition of HOLLYWOOD , alive , every goody v baddy film we all love and adore, In cowboys time , the law would have made him Sheriff 😉

  122. Do you really think they will admit to haveing been beat up by an old man. They would be better off just saying they were drunk and all beat each other up.
    But we allready know they arnt real smart.

  123. how would the judge like this to happen to him in the middle of the night
    I bet they wouldn’t stand a chance in court. Taree should protest and others if
    Regie is charged with anything as he was not doing anything wrong but defending
    Himself in his home. He didn’t go looking for this .Well done mate

  124. Outstanding Reg. Lets hope the young men involved learnt from the education lesson you provided them with free of charge. Can remember many a wrong turn in my early years of life (not like this) physically and verbally and received similar freebies. Ime the greatest supporter of free education in Australia and you quite obviously are a great Australian to give of your time freely like this so others can learn a better way in society. Outstanding Reg !!!!! Oh errr be a good fellow make sure you get those steps fixed, dont want anymore nasty accidents

  125. As far as any law abiding citizen is concerned, as soon as someone enters your property with illegal intent, they forfeit by default, all legal rights. They should be liable for any damage incurred on the resident’s property and any medical bills incurred by the resident in protecting the property. Not saying that Reg did “serve it up to them” but hypothetically, if he did – good on you Reg! Scum like these individuals need to learn proper respect for people and property and if it takes a hard lesson or two to get it through their head – then it’s probably 1 lesson too many!

  126. Ballroom dancing is a very physical thing. Obviously these pieces of shit were not up to the strenuous demands of the waltz. Reg Carried them out to the front lawn for some fresh air. Seriously. Good on you Reg. Had it been my place they would have received the benefit of a massage with a lump of timber I keep close handy for just such occasions.

  127. Its like thunder dome. 4 men enter one man leave, I’m sorry if you break into anyone’s house you deserve what ever comes your way, the fact he can hold up his hands means nothing, these cowards got everything they deserved. Bit of payback for all the others they have gotten away with. Good on him. I would do exactly the same. Family and homes are to be protected they are not for anyone to rob , the simple fact is. If he does nothing and let’s them steal his stuff. It’s gone. Chances if police catching th and retrieving his stuff are next to zero. Good on ya champ. One for the people

  128. I’ve seen this before. It’s totally plausable these three baffoons did themselves over. I used to watch it every Saturday morning on television when I was a kid. Heck they even made a movie about them too. The show was called The 3 Stooges!

  129. Truth be known this is probably the nearest thing to getting them three brianiacs to wake up and kick their habit. Not much else seems to work.

  130. I don’t know if Reg will get this so please pass it on to him if you can.
    I worked with a guy, Norm Love, who was in the same scene of boxing etc.
    If anyone with contact to Reg can pass it on and they knew each other, I’d appreciate a chat.
    [email protected]

  131. well done Reg, hope the scumbags take a long time to heal, it might give them time to see the error of their ways. I hope Reg is there waiting when they are discharged from hospital

  132. ‘Assault’? First shot fired by the screaming lefties, or a tongue-in-cheek poke in favor of a person prepared to defend their property against drug-raddled wastes of space?
    I prefer to think this gentleman has done the community in particular and Australia in general a favour by marking up these three fresh-air thieves.
    My only criticism – what happened that the fourth one wasn’t caught in the melee.
    Nomination for the next Australia Day Honors awards? You bet! AM at the very least!

  133. The best part of this is when the three junkies come out of hospital and walk the streets they know that they are the three would be tough losers who got beaten up by a 78 years old

  134. Their statement will probably read. We don’t know how the bloody bus got up those front steps, it must have gone around the room three times and hit me each time. Who’s this Reg. bloke anyway ?

  135. Maybe another sequel to Clint Eastwoods ElTorino…this time “The Unbreakable Hilux”.. Our laws need to be returned to the Good Ol Days when you could do whatever is necessary within reason to protect your home. Very dark days indeed we live in . When truth is a lie and a lie the truth.

  136. When will he law support the law abiding people. These guys broke into someone’s home. The are the criminals. Poor old Reg was just trying to protect himself. Karma that they fell down the stairs and knocked themselves out.

    Hope Reg recovers from this nasty experience soon.

  137. Good on you, great job, your fabulous mate, I take my hat off to you. We need more people like you.
    These thugs got more than they bargained for & I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them. I hope they take months to recover those low lives.
    It’s made my day, a win for the elderly…..

  138. So who is to say the invaders didn’t lock the doors and turn the lights out to ransack him, just before they had theirs turned out in turn??

    A neighbour just happened to be leering into his home (front and back) at 1030pm? Sure they were

  139. Well done Mate, Aussie Justice…. You must have been dynomite as a young bloke, great example to the community. All the best.


  141. Reg for Premier, as far as I’m concerned.
    A kick in the arse and a punch in the snout never hurt anybody yet!!!!!!!!!! but then these a’holes were probably totally doped out of their mind, they kept on tripping over furniture.
    We all vote for you REG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Sir, I think you are terrific, well done for helping those poor boys who fell on the stairs. shows what drugs can do to young men’s co ordination. Shame you hurt your hand fixing that guttering. Champion.

  143. “You don’t tug on Superman’s Cape, You don’t spit into the wind. You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and YOU DON”T MESS AROUND WITH SLIM!”

    That was the first thing that came to my mind. Way to go Reg!!!!! Like others have said, here in the good old US of A, I would have dropped them where they stood, the minute they came through the door. No questions asked.

    These punks are lucky they only got a beat down from an older gentleman. So glad that Reg and his wife are ok.

    If charges are made and Reg is arrested, I will be the first to donate to his legal defence fund. And the folks in Taree should take to the streets and protest.

  144. Absolutely superb. It’s high time these scum (and the legal system / politicians) learn that break into someone else’s house to steal = you should legally forfeit ALL rights, and you get whatever you get. I don’t feel the slightest bit sorry for these bastards. Breaking at least two laws, breaking and entering to steal to probably fund breaking another, use of illegal drugs, means these guys should, after they get out of hospital, go to jail for a LONG time! We don’t want or need this type of person in our society. Good on ya Reg, and I hope the stupid legal system sees it the same, if it comes to it. I’d love to buy you a beer mate, and yeah as someone else said, Reg gets my vote for high award in the next Australia Day honours!!!

  145. Well done , Reg !! What an absolute Champion !! Couldn’t happen to a “nicer bunch of losers”, they certainly got their “right whack” !!!

    Any future losers might need to think twice, before doing a B & E on private property

    Cheers to a job done well !!

  146. Well done Reg I just hope you rearranged the so called matter in their heads while you rearranged their faces.

  147. Well done Reg, Locking the door to stop them escaping. With the local constabulary taking an hour and a half to get there meant you had time to do them properly.

  148. Absolutely a hero, when a lad broke into my house after midnight a couple of years ago and I woke up and saw him I told him I hadn’t invited him in and I was going to destroy him,I shot out of bed (as fast as a70plus lady with metal knees could ) and took off after him,not something he expected I guess,so Reg is a hero to me.When the police asked me what I would have done if I had caught him, I said my intent was to sit on him and bang his head on the cement until he was out of it ,and would then decide if I should ring them or my sons and grandsons, to deal with him. He kindly left finger prints on my freshly painted walls ,so was caught.

  149. This guy is just awesome! I bet the law will come down on him though – for protecting himself and his elderly wife in their own home from some worthless lowlifes.. Guy’s a hero!

  150. needle-ss to say these filthy lowlife putrid JUNKIES got the top of the range SHOTS they deserved,The only problem I see is REG will have to boil their contaminated BLOOD off his KNUCKLES. CHAMPION REG !

  151. Those poor youth deserve better. They are already suffering at the hands of the drug, now they suffer at the hands of this old thug.

  152. Oh this was so funny I laughed until I cried. Tears of joy. Well done, Reg. I hope they make you Australian of the Year. In my book, you already are Australian of the Year. I reckon when the scumbags leave hospital they should have to pay for their own medical bills for whatever treatment some kind nurses and doctors gave them. Just shows you how stupid you can be when you’re high on drugs….can’t even walk down a set of steps without falling over. Hope those sore knuckles are healing up ok, Reg. XX

  153. “Let’s dance, pretty boy!” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Reg you are a down right LEGEND!!!! Imagine if everyone did this!? People would stop doing home invasions! haha

  154. A “grotesque assault” – are you serious? This article was reading beautifully until you allowed that line to be included. An elderly man protecting himself, his property and the wider community – he should be hailed a hero not condemned.
    And hopefully this occurrence will make other derelicts think twice about praying on the vulnerable…
    Nice work Reg, I salute you.

  155. well done Reg scum think they can do what they want if they break into your house they intend to rob or hurt you so what ever it takes one does good on you old fella well done .NO one shoved the dope into them it was there choice

  156. Sounds like a lot of bullshit to me, I’m 68 years old, i did a bit of boxing my day, i’m still pretty fit but there’s no way i would take on three young blokes, they would murder me, this silly old fart is full of shit

  157. Enter at your own risk !
    Cockroaches always think they have a right to come into your home !
    Reg just saved the legal process years and wasted money on these three.
    They won’t be robbing anyone else’s homes now.

  158. What a grate resoponce.I agree as a 82 yr old would do the same & what ever was available to cripple these kind of low lives.

  159. Professional boxers hands are considered lethal weapons in courts, it is probably better that they fell down the stairs in the dark during a B&E and did not see what happened to them. “Let’s dance pretty boy”, what a class act.

  160. If this had been in my neck of the woods. They likely would have ended up on the coroner’s slab. Having bullet holes counted.

  161. Be real no police going to arrive in such little timing and what? just let them do their stuff no fucking way mate they normally take between an hour he did a great favor to society good on ya Reg Mate.

  162. id rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6 i know some would not agree at all with my theory but that is just my own opinion and i stand by it and have a nice day.

  163. I think if they lag old Reg, the Taree Fireball, into the cops for getting such a belting, he’ll be waiting for them in the stooge, where they’ll get a real seeing to. They better do some serious thinking with whatever they have that passes for brains. I think getting Reg angry would be a very stupid thing to do.

  164. The comments here are funnier than the story. BA, you’re going to have to lay it on a bit thicker in future….. There were only three comments that didn’t swallow the whole thing hook, line, sinker, rod, fisherman and boat.

  165. I used to work in the carnivals in the late 1960s. Those fists of those blokes in the boxing tents used to go like windmills!


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