A local woman is busy regaling tales of her travels this morning, to an audience of disinterested work colleagues who zoned out hours ago.

Fresh from a seven day stint in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, just like Moses roaming the desert, global traveler Sara Ella-Smith is said to have been spiritually changed from her experience at Burning Man festival.

Sitting in a pod of pencil pushers at the downtown Betoota PR agency, Prosecco & Pop Collective, Sara spared no detail uncovered as she recollected her extended mid-year holiday to her workmates.

After a four-week tour of the United States, where Sara experienced the capitalist highs of New York City, before turning her gaze to the world famous space-hippy festival dedicated to community, art and self-expression, Sara has told her colleagues that it was a once in a lifetime experience.

“Honestly it was life changing, you just can’t describe it,” professed Sara who has spent her whole morning describing the festival.

“It’s like a huge makeshift community on bikes, and there’s these mobile bars, and all these art installations, and mirrors and the dust…”

“Oh the dust was next level!”

A well-versed festival head, who’s chewed her fair share of disco biscuits on the dance floors of bush doof events like Rainbow Serpent and Pitch, Sara is believed to have told her colleagues that her experience at Burning Man was like no other.

Despite the fact she spent the majority of the festival filming the experience on her iPhone 12, Sara said the chance to get off the grid and gurn her jaw with thousands of other Burners was an incredible soul-centring experience.

“Oh I made some serious life bonds with some incredible people, or ‘Burners’, that’s what we call each other.”

“Honestly the people there were proper festival hippies, not like the weekend corporates who dress up for Splendour once a year!”

“I made so many lifelong friends, I’ve got them all on Facebook, they all work in Tech in the States too!”

More to come.


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