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The pigeon that runs the entire marketing department at Rugby Australia has been given the month off because this year’s Bledisloe Cup fixture is in Melbourne and they go to anything.

As the self-titled capital of Australian Sport, the denizens of the City Of Melbourne pride themselves on leaving their rat holes at night for the bright lights of their nearest stadium to watch some sport.

Though it’s mainly Victorian Leg Tennis and European-style football that draw the biggest crowds, gentleman’s brand rugby also draws a solid crowd when played in Melbourne.

“The game is pretty much sold out,” cooed Pigeon.

“My work was done before it even started. You could sell tickets to the opening of a Bunnings and it’d sell out. People in Melbourne get out. They go drinking, they eat in restaurants. They stimulate their local economy like no other sub-section of Australian,”

“So they gave me the month off. Because there’s only one Bledisloe here now, that’s pretty much it for a while,”

“I think, I’m not actually sure when the boys are playing again after tonight. Wait, it’s tomorrow, right?”

More to come.


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