A Betoota Ponds couple is eagerly looking forward to dinner, bath, and bedtime today, after picking up their kids from Nan and Pops.

Enjoying the benefits of having two sets of semi-retired grandparents, Brad and Jayne Lacey often like to cash in on the free babysitting.

While they acknowledge it is great having 4 adults who love their grandkids and like to educate and teach them whenever they get the chance to look after them – there can be certain downsides.

“We are routine people,” sighed Brad Lacey this afternoon.

“I don’t want to hear your spiel about correct parenting methods so save it,” he said.

“We like to have kids in a routine and we like to limit the amount of sugar they have because it’s like Cocaine to our little ones.”

“We aren’t the kind of people who try and prevent them from having any sugar whatsoever, but we just trying and regulate it a bit because otherwise, it turns them into mood-swinging little devils.”

“Which is what we are gonna get in roughly 30 minutes’ time,” he sighed.

This comes after Brad picked up his two and four year old, filled to the gills with soft drink, lollies and chocolate after a big day at nan and pops.

“They are gonna be bouncing off the fucking walls within an hour,” said Brad.

“I joke about feeding them treats with dad and he lied and told me they had only had a few bits of fruit.”

“I can see the Fanta stains all over their lips. And I know those rainbow streaks on their tops aren’t paint. They’ve just painted the Skittles rainbow with their grubby little fingers.”

“Ah well, I legitimately can’t complain, but I will and I’ll curse my parents in about an hour’s time.”

Much more to come.


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