A young athlete is debating the integrity of his sporting career today, deciding whether he’s willing to start taking illegal steroids.

Deep into his pre-season training for the Betoota Dolphins, it’s believed young winger Clinton Bott has found himself inside “DyamiX Nutrition”, the lone supplement shop on the outskirts of town.

Baffled by the stacked shelves of protein powders and dubiously labelled pre-workouts, it’s understood Clinton has begun discussing his “goals” with store owner and heavily tattooed motorcycle enthusiast, Phil Coleman.

“Yeah man, I’m just looking to put on a bit of size, maybe another 10-12 kgs or so?” inquired Clinton.

“I got steam rolled by a few of those Fijian boys last year, so I wouldn’t mind stacking some size and start squaring the ledger.”

Speaking with the confidence of a qualified nutritional scientist and medical practitioner, it’s believed Clinton listened intently as Mr Coleman, himself a former bodybuilder, tried to explain the complex relationship between creatine, glutamine and “branched chain amino acids”.

After convincing Clinton to purchase four tubs of fluorescent powders and multi-vitamins, the store owner has quietly floated the option of some less natural supplements.

“Mate, all this is good, but if you really wanna get traps that’ll grow over your ears I can get you some “other stuff” if you’re interested?” offered Mr Coleman.

“It’s a little “experimental” and you’ll have to manage some “cycles”, but 8 weeks on the gym candy and you’ll have quads bigger than Tongan Thor.”

After connecting the dots and realising he was being offered steroids, young Clinton is believed to have brushed the possibility in an effort to take care of his internal health.

“Ahh, I think I’ll just do these whey proteins for now.”

“But, if I get into the development camp later in the year for that feeder club in Brisbane, I’ll come back and hit you up!”

“Have you got a business card?”

More to come.


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