Queenslanders discussing representative football. PICTURE: Rennie Ellis


The State of Origin rivalry this afternoon, with fans from both states trading an increasing amount of barbs.

Queenslanders have of course come forward in their droves to remind the filthy southerners that they just “just don’t get Origin.”

This proclamation has predictably drawn the classist response that we don’t comprehend the concept of fully enclosed footwear.

This comes as Queenslanders have taken it upon themselves to educate their southern neighbours on the true meaning of Origin – all while their toes bask freely in the Queensland sun.

“These New South Wales blokes, they think they understand Origin just because they got a bunch of useless clubs,” said Maroons diehard Wally Walsh (33).

“It’s a lifestyle, mate. It’s about pride, passion, and loving ya state, NSW just doesn’t get that.”

“They don’t even get normal NRL. I can bet you right now that there will be a Queensland club in the Grand Final.”

“Probably fucking two, to be honest.”

When questioned on whether he will be packing normal shoes when he heads to the Grand Final Sydney, Wally dramatically spat out his beer.

“Mate, I’m going to a footy game not bloody court! Why would I need those things!?”

“Typical New South Welsh over thinking.”

Queensland’s laid-back attitude towards footwear has long been a point of contention for NSW residents, who prefer the structured security of sneakers and boots. 

“They mock us for our thongs,” Wally said.

“But what they don’t understand is that shoes or no shoes, QLD will always come out on top.”

“In fact our players don’t even need boots to beat these clowns, they could do it in Crocs if they had to.”

More to come.


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