There might be hope for the youth after all as some brave young Betootans have stuck it to the Australia Day public holiday by showing up to work.

Peta Reach (16) is an employee of Betoota Ponds supermarket, who will be gainfully employed on January 26.

Put this praise to young Reach however and they will modestly tell you their daring activism is not worth a mention, let alone the article you are reading right now.

“It’s just about the time and a half pay man, it’s rough out here right now,” stated Reach with the grace and humility of a future trailblazer.

“I mean, yeah, it’s fucked that our national public holiday is on the worst possible date for the country’s first people, even if I did drink I wouldn’t be getting maggot today, I’m not a fucken’ saddist.” 

“But part of the reason I don’t drink is that on $10.11 an hour I can’t really afford to drink alcohol, especially not from a bottle or a can.”

“There’s been plenty of stories about rent raises but no stories about board raises from your psycho stepdad who didn’t even do year 11 and 12 himself so what the fuck is he so stuck up about anyway?”

When asked if he was in favour of changing the date, Reach stated he was but that he’d probably work then as well for the same public holiday pay reasons.


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