The public holiday with many names has arrived, prompting Beck Meinswell (28) to attend her local Survival Day rally.

Arriving at Betoota Memorial Park, Meinswell listened to her local Indigenous elders and community leaders discuss the issues important to them before joining in the marching demonstration.

However, the march wrapped up just before 11am, leaving Meinswell with a pretty empty schedule for the rest of the day if you catch our drift.

“You guys doing anything for the rest of the day?” Meinswell asked some of her friends, gauging whether or not other Millenials would be allowing themselves a bit of fun today. 

“Yeah, totally I’ve got work to do today as well.” 

“Sometimes I work from the pub, just putting it out there.”

“Would be a normal day for me if not for the rally I attended earlier.”

“I have work tomorrow anyway so I wouldn’t have more than four anyway. Not today, of all days.”

“But a public holiday is a public holiday…” 

Ultimately, Meinswell felt she couldn’t justify having too much fun on a day that continues to cause so much hurt and pain for so many people and came up with a compromise.

“I’m going to take a few sugar-free ciders to that park without a view of anything, a box of Cheddar Shapes, a joint that’s mostly spin and a co-worker who I haven’t quite hit it off with yet.”

“No picnic blanket.”

“And no Insta stories, obviously.”


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