Two teenage cousins from opposite sides of town have bonded over their mutual interests in rap music and test match cricket over the weekend.

A lovely Sunday dinner at Grandma Sally’s house was topped off by the long-overdue catch up between Andy (15) and Archie (16) Kallis – first cousins who rarely get to see each other outside of Christmas and Easter.

While the parents talked about petrol prices and climate change, Granny was overjoyed to see her teenage grandsons bonding over more interesting topics – like the 4 studio album discography of South Sydney hip hop artist Chillinit.

“What are you two talking about over there?” asks Uncle Con, a middle-aged gyprocker who is equally bored by the adult conversations currently dominating the table.

“Ummmm… Nothing” says Andy.

“Just uhhh. Music”

Con is notably jealous.

“Ahhh music aye. What are we talking? Acca Dacca? Bit of INXS? Spose you kids wouldn’t know what real music sounds like”

The two nephews scoff at this delusional old man, before giggling a bit too much.

“What’s so funny?” asks Uncle Con.

“Also, have you blokes seriously finished dinner already? How bloody hungry were you!?”

Gran intervenes.

“Leave them. They are growing boys”

Gran is right, these two boys are definitely in the business of ‘growing’ – well at least one of them is, in the state forest behind the footy oval.

“If you two have finished dinner, you can go inside and watch telly” says Gran.

“Ummmm.. We were thinking of going out the back and watching some YouTube” says Archie.

“Oh go on then” says an oblivious Gran, as their parents eyes squint suspiciously.

At time of press, the dulcet tones of Chillinit were permeating through the entire Betoota Flight Path District, as Archie and Andy lit up as many mossie coils as they could find to sheild the extended family from the stench of the gatorade saxophone that was blaring inside Con’s tool shed.

“They grow up so fast” says Gran, as she nods along to the music.

“Good to see they are getting along”

Uncle Con also excuses himself from the table, insisting that he also would like to ‘watch YouTube’.


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