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The 2022 Mardi Gras festival is kicking off in Sydney this weekend but the love and pride is being felt and shared Australia wide, with people and businesses alike showing their support for the LGBTQI community by embracing the rainbow colours synonymous with the community. 

In an attempt to show their wokeness and make people believe they actually give a shit about something other than ROI’s, some giant multinationals have jumped on and thoughtfully given their logo a rainbow theme. 

“It’s a simple way to let them know we are cool,” says the marketing manager at the multinational. 

“It’s literally the least we can do but still show our support” 

A survey carried out by Corporate Responsibility Australia found that multi-nationals think changing the colour of their logo for 24-hours means they meet their quota of good deeds and actually absolves them from any kind of corporate guilt they built up from dodging tax, pillaging the country’s natural resources and sweeping sexual harassment cases under the rug. 

“People will forget it after a day, we aren’t going to spend money to actually change anything [haha]” 

More to come.  


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