Proving that we all have that one mate that has an absolutely shit sense of humour, Keith Wills [27] tells The Advocate that he found himself in a rather unfortunate situation concerning a compilation video of the world’s ‘cringiest fails and nip slips.’

His mate, Liam, whose taste of entertainment is questionable at the best of times, reportedly cornered Keith into watching the video with the promise it was ‘hilarious’. 

Keith says that not only did he experience secondhand embarrassment, but he was also forced to come up with three minutes and 40 seconds worth of fake amusement as Liam kept looking back at his face to gauge his reaction.

“It was fucking shit”, says Keith to our reporter, “Liam reckons everything is hilarious.”

“Honestly I love him but he’s got the worst fucking taste.”

“He thought Zoolander 2 was funny.”

Keith says the descent into madness had started out innocently enough when Liam began to tag Keith in various comment sections on social media. He realises now that by replying to the posts he’d inadvertently encouraged Liam to go even harder.

“It started off him just tagging me on private Instagram accounts. Like just fucking screenshot it cause I can’t see it.”

“Now he sends me dumb shit constantly.”

“I just look at how long the videos are and time my reply.”

“Usually typing a good ‘LOL’ will suffice.”

More to come.


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