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Scott Morrison has today been photographed playing hairdresser, in what is yet another bizarre ploy to appear relatable to the public. 

Proving he’s happy to do pretty much any job other than the one he’s supposed to do, Scott rolled up his sleeves to wash someone’s hair, much to the thrill of his crew of sycophants who all told him what a great job he was doing performing such a basic task.

Like the barbie we never asked for, Scott has tried his hand at quite a few different jobs over the years, including serving food to veterans, making pasta, driving a truck and creating his own chicken coop – with each moment captured and plastered across multiple news websites, in what is practically a caricature of what we’ve come to expect from our leaders.

In an effort to shake his psycho image, Scotty has hung up his axe for a shower nozzle, showing the nation just how shit he must have been in marketing if this was the best photo op he could think of.

However, if there’s one consolation to this madness, Scotty’s latest stunt now sees him on par with Johnny Sins for number of roles, whose resume includes being a doctor, an engineer, a police officer and a teacher. All after battling cancer, we might add.

Though Scotty isn’t as revered for his hard work, talent and support of women, he’s successfully given Johnny a run for his money, which is a hard feat considering Sins is one of the most talented men alive.

More to come.


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