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In news that comes as a shock to the entire state of NSW, a recently published report has found that Sydney’s Star Casino has been up to some pretty crook shit.

An inquiry into the casino’s behavior has found that they aren’t suitable to hold a licence, after allegations of money laundering, fraud, and links to organised crime.

This follows years of assaults and breaches of RSA and RCG being ignored or disappearing into thin air, despite the leaders of the city pretending like they were trying to protect their citizens.

The latest report, coupled with years of allegations about cover-ups and criminal behaviour has since confirmed that the Star might actually be responsible for more crime than the rest of the city they ruined.

That revelation comes despite the fact that the Star (along with property developers in the Kings Cross area) managed to convince state politicians to shut down the nightlife of Sydney’s CBD.

Promised as a policy to ‘clean up the city,’ the controversial lockout laws saw nightlife in the city’s CBD crushed, meaning revelers had to head to the suspiciously lockout-free Casino if they wanted to try and keep their night alive.

However, in a huge breaking of protocol in NSW, these recent developments have revealed that the Star might be more crook than all of the nightlife hotspots they ruined.

The Star has yet to respond formally to the allegations but is believed to be working behind the scenes to ensure that the state’s politicians don’t get any funny ideas about acting on this new report.

As one anonymous insider explained to The Advocate; “They can have all their fancy reports, but hopefully they are smart enough not to do anything like tear up our licence because of the widespread criminal behaviour.”

“We all know that would be very silly.”

More to come.


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