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A Betoota Heights studio advertised on Realestate.com has weirdly provided only one viewing option this Saturday, despite the entire country being in the midst of a rental crisis.

With reports of renters being forced to cough up up to 30% more to rent or join the many people currently battling it tough living in tents, it’s easy to see why the sudden appearance of a well priced studio right next to CBD would pique the interest of many – especially, as the property featured a dividing wall for the bedroom, which is virtually unheard of for under $450 a week.

It’s alleged roughly forty people were seen milling about the front of the property fifteen minutes before the inspection, which soon jumped up to ninety five – all of whom now had to navigate a property that was small enough to shoved a flea’s ass with room to spare.

“Yeah it was pretty full on”, says a Kyle Marsh [29] who’d been present at the inspection, “we were all pretty confused how it was going to work.”

“There’s nothing more disheartening than rocking up to see a property and realising how competitive getting a fucking home is.”

Kyle says he’d initially been unsure how the realestate agent would even choose the applicants but that the confusion was quickly cleared up when he’d seen the array of gladiatorial weapons placed on a long table in the living room.

“As you can see, I clearly won haha”, says Kyle, “hot tip, go for the mace.”

More to come.


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