A recent report by The Australian Institute For Nineties Millionaires has found that actual business deals are still done over Crownies and old school Italian food.

The findings also indicate that real business is still irrespective of market bubbles and cryptocurrencies, but more about plastic checkered tablecloths and lots of swearing.

While many believe these ‘real business meetings’ involve hints of organised crime and corrupt state government figures, these kinds of allegations are irrelevant in the Australian eastern seaboard, as both organised crime and corrupt state government figures, particularly Labor party identities, seem to be involved in every single big dollar deal in both Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

“What we have found is, anyone who has access to concrete truck and government contracts has managed to pair these two things over Crown Lagers. Australia’s real business beer” says lead researcher, Neville Carr.

“The same goes with random import/export contacts in the areas of grey market food products and retail items”

Dubbed the ‘real business beer’ or ‘Australia’s celebratory beer’ – the Crown Lager has for many years appealed to big businessmen and woman due to it’s flash gold wrapper.

A recent survey of Australian beer drinkers revealed that 80% of those surveyed that have admitted to consuming a “Crownie” in the last year were either at a regional Chinese restaurant, a low-key suburban Italian restuarant, or at a corporate box during a cricket match, or on an aeroplane.


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