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Moments after two men dressed in the same clothes walking out from the smoking pokies, Dale Tuckham thought it was about time he let his two friends in on a little secret.

“We’re living in a simulation, you know?” he said.

“A what?” said Annie Brown, who followed Dale and his roommate Tom down to their corner gastropub for dinner this evening.

“Just like in The Matrix, just like that. Didn’t you just see those two guys dressed the same come out of the pokies? That was a glitch in our simulation. Have you heard of the Mandela Effect? It’s kinda like what I’m saying now, but different,”

“Seriously. Think about it.”

Annie and Tom were thinking about it.

They weren’t thinking about how Dale could be right and that society is an alien construct, an experiment conducted by some all-powerful alien face – they were thinking about Dale’s deteriorating grip on reality.

Annie concedes that while Dale was being quite articulate in his argument, she’s ultimately unconvinced.

“I think I speak for Tom and I when I say that Dale is losing his mind,” she said.

“It’s not just this whole thing to do with the simulation, this is just a long line of things he’s said that makes people wonder if he’s crazy or not. I can’t believe he thinks Nelson Mandela died in prison?”

“Then who was President of South Africa? Kofi Anan? He was President of the Earth.”

Tom declined to comment on the matter, saying only that he hopes the simulation ends because there hasn’t been a good trend in memes for months.

More to come.


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