Australians living in medium to high density housing can this week confirm that things are really starting to pong in the waste room, almost two weeks after Christmas Day.

As the nation emerges from the purgatory of late December/early January – it seems a few vital chores have been missed by both residents and strata managers.

In apartment blocks right around the country, the repuslives stench of rotting prawns and slimy ham is the last reminder of the good times had with friends and family over the festive period.

While nobody is questioning whether the garbos have been doing their jobs, the fact remains that a vast majority of bins have not been taken out.

This can be put down to the fact that a number of modern buildings rely on ‘skip bin’ style private waste pick up, and the fact that millions of Australian apartment dwellers fucked off to the beach on Boxing Day and haven’t been back since to sort out the stomach churning stench of a decomposing food that once made up a wholesome, over-catered family lunch.

With the nation now returning back to work, the amount of time residents are spending on the bottom floor and in the car park of these apartment blocks means this problem is now unavoidable.

Waste management experts say that if unresolved by the 10th of January, this issue will require the use of a high-powered gurney, and that extremely powerful citrus-smelling enzyme cleaner detergent.



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