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A Sydney based novelty shop owner has revealed he may never have to work ever again, after selling roughly 250,000 pink cowboy hats in the past 12 months.

Speaking to The Advocate, Sean Reynolds, 52, says his pink cowboy hats had always done well, but that the market really exploded when the Barbie movie came out – and it didn’t stop there.

“I ended up just becoming a pink cowboy hat novelty store”, explains Sean, “they’re cheap as chips when you do bulk orders.”

“Buy them for 10c, sell them for 10 bucks.”

“You do the maths.”

Sean admits he almost threw away the leftover hats after the Barbie mania had died down, but that something in his heart told him to keep them.

“Between Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Mardi Gras and now the upcoming Beyonce country album, I’m set for life.”

More to come.


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