Opposition leader Peter Dutton has reportedly been sat down by his staffers for a tough conversation this morning.

The stern talking to from his team comes after he said he wanted to attend the funeral for disgraced Australian entertainer Rolf Harris.

The move comes just a few months after Dutton made the genius and marketable move to attend the funeral of convicted pedophile George Pell (whose conviction was later overturned because Pell had the support and funds of the Catholic Church to manipulate the legal system).

He was joined by fellow moral conservatives like Tony Abbott and John Howard, who moved to pay their respects to a man who harboured and protected pedophiles within the Catholic Church for decades.

Now, Peter Dutton, the man who is trying to rebrand the Liberal Party as a political body for the modern age has faced pleas from his staffers not to go to the service for Rolf Harris.

The 93 year old Australian export to the UK reportedly died a couple of weeks ago, 10 years after being convicted of indecent assault against girls and young women between 1968 and 1986.

“We can’t have you going to that Peter,” said one of his staffers today.

“I know it’s trip overseas, but it’s just not a good look.”

“And don’t even think about calling for a state service here….”

“Please. If you do, I’m done.”


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