NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has today apologised for wearing a Nazi uniform to his 21st birthday party, saying he only just realised the fault of his actions after reading Prince Harry’s book ‘Spare.’

The Premier for Sydney came forward with the shocking revelation today, after also receiving a phone call from a colleague informing him of knowledge of the photo – for whatever reason that might be.

Perrottet said he is ashamed for the the ‘deeply hurtful’ actions, seemingly under the impression that it wasn’t going to come out one day.

The Premier said he wore the costume as a fancy dress to a party, similar to fellow blue blood Prince Harry – who caused headlines for weeks after being caught in Nazi attire.

Harry famously wore the outfit in his bad boy party days, and has recently confirmed the regret he has in recent interviews for his controversial new book ‘Spare.’

In the book he spoke about the incident, saying Kate and William encouraged him to wear it, while also bragging about killing 25 people in Afghanistan who he said weren’t really people.

It’s believed Prince Harry’s openness on the matter has spurred Dominic Perrottet to follow suit.

“I know a lot of people think it was leaked to damage my election chances by an ambitious fellow Liberal politician, but I actually had no idea it was such a bad thing until I read spare over Christmas,” laughed Perrottet.

“Like, me and the lads actually thought it was such a giggle at the time, but obviously things have changed.”

“Prince Harry made me realise how bad what I did was, and made me realise I need to apologise.”

More to come.


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