A Japanese tour guide is under some pressure today, as he attempts to welcome a new breed of tourist to Tokyo.

As a guide with over 15 years experience in showing global citizens the wonders of Tokyo, local Japanese man Makoto Takahashi (38) has a wealth of knowledge about his city, and is usually able to answer every random question from tourists that come to town.

However, as he leads a walking tour of 15 through the historic Asakusa neighbourhood in old town Tokyo, it’s believed Makato has met finally his match in Brett Berrigan, a West Gympie man who’s brought his family over for a two week holiday.

A diesel mechanic who usually treats his three kids and wife Jarlene to a Bali vacation, it’s believed the opportunity to take his kids to Tokyo Disney and Universal Studios in Osaka has inspired Brett to board a slightly longer plane and visit the land of the rising sun.

However after taking in the sights of Sensō-ji Temple, the oldest and most visited temple in the city, Brett has reportedly tapped Makato for some real local knowledge about nightlife and entertainment.

“Hey mate, do you know if there’s any pubs round here playing the BBL?” Brett inquired.

“Hmmmm, uhhhh, B-B-L” stuttered Makato, unfamiliar with the unique brand of cricket.

“Yeah it’s a bit like baseball, but we play it in Australia,” responded Brett.

Perplexed yet determined to not leave his guests with unanswered questions, Makato worked with his assistant to make a flurry of calls to the national tourism office, and find an answer for his guest from Queensland.

“Ahh, Mr Brett sir, we think maybe ‘The Dubliners Irish Pub in Shinjuku’ will have what you are after, we have called a cab for you, you can leave shortly after our tours ends,” said Makakto politely.

“Ahh thanks mate cheers, do you wanna come watch it too?” offering Brett brightly.

More to come.


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