The final week of the New South Wales state campaign is upon us, and the batte of the Millennial short-back-and-sides is heating up.

In the red corner, we have Chris Minns MP – a Labor lifer who comes from one of those multicultural suburbs that supports the ‘St George Dragons’ – and a man who is trying his best to emulate Albanese’s cool hand in the face of the Murdoch Liberal cheer squad.

In the blue trunks, we have current Premier Dominic Perrottet – a surprisingly open-minded chest-beating Catholic who boldly began this campaign by declaring war against the high-society poker machine families, many of whom he would’ve been forced to mingle with at an array of NSW Art Gallery and ballet fundraisers.

The one thing Minns has going for him is the fact that his government haven’t been in power for three terms, and can’t be accused of being responsible for any current grievances anyone might have with the state of NSW.

Perrottet is unfortunately plagued by three seperate resignations from three seperate Liberal Premiers before him – with his last boss Gladys Berejiklian pulling the pin over a corruption watchdog investigation.

So, to differentiate himself from his stale and maligned predecessors, the NSW Premier is campaigning on what he’s NOT going to do.

Today the Liberal leader has made it clear that he will NOT be engaging in the pearl-clutching temperance league style of politics made famous by Barry O’Farrell and Mike Baird. Which is surprising for a man who obviously spends his Sunday mornings fresh as a daisy in Church.

Perrottet has promised that his party will never repeat the brand of Christian wowserism that resulted in the NSW lockout laws (also known as Hillsong Sharia) that were put in place to rapidly gentrify the inner city, aid with the social cleansing that has seen up to 60% of Sydney’s public housing demolished, and stripped young people of bar jobs and live music opportunities

See his full quote in the headline.


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