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A local NBN Co employee at the end of his cable has told The Advocate this afternoon that he no longer tells people at parties that he works for the telecommunications network.

Oscar Rutland now says he’s a parking ranger.

“I just got sick of all the abuse,” he said.

“When people found out that I was working for NBN Co, I might as well have been a drug squad detective. Nobody wanted a bar of me after they found out what I do for a living,”

“So I tell people I’m a parking ranger. Not the most noble profession but respected nonetheless. It’s also the type of job that people don’t ask too much about, so it’s perfect. I wish it didn’t have to come to this but enough is enough.”

The Betoota Heights dreamer said the abuse started about a year ago and only got worse as time went on.

That’s despite him having absolutely no bearing on the company’s direction or control over what happens.

“I guess people just need somebody to blame for this whole bed shit,” Oscar said.

“Which is fair enough but I was just sick of it always being me.”

The Advocate reached out to NBN Co for comment but were told to expecte a reply between January and March of next year.

More to come.


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