Last night Channel Ten debuted what has been the longest ever advertisement for South African Tourism in the shape of their new reality TV show “I have a medium-sized social media presence! Get me some work”.

The program managed to pull in over 1.1 million viewers less than half the amount of people than tuned it to watch two European men play tennis.

The aim of the show is for people who have previously been on more successful shows, to make a big enough idiot of themselves to land a job back home.

The people, who sometimes appear on social media and talkback radio, are not yet announced, but one of them spoke to us anonymously.

“I don’t know who any of these people are”

“I reckon I’ve got more clout than most of them. But everyone is probably thinking that… I mean, I was a pretty big time beat boxer in the late 2000s”

“I did a song with Mundine…”

“Anyway, Sam Dastyari is on it this year I reckon. He can’t possibly not be”


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